Monday, October 1, 2007


Ok I'll I've been tagged by my sweet roomie from college, Miss Laurie. So here I go.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Well lets see, I would have been just starting my Sophomore year of high school, which means that I would have been at the peak of my pudge. That's right I was a pretty chunky kid in high school for any of you who didn't know me, but the following summer I would get a job and lose a good 60 lbs. Woo hoo for carrying around 50 lb boxes for Alco.
That was also the year that I met my dear friend Jami. She was one of the few people who got me through the troubles and drama of high school. In fact, she is the one friend from high school that I still speak to on a regular basis.
That was also the year that I started to butt heads with my mommy, probably one of my biggest regrets. She and I had similar personalities and we clashed on a lot of things. I think that was the year I decided to go to school out of state (Not because of Mom), which is where I met my hubby so I guess it was a good year for me.

2. What were you doing 5 years ago?
Ahh 5 years ago I was 1 year and 2 months into Cory's mission and probably and more then a little excited about being that close to it all being over. I was starting what would be my last year of school and trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I was living in a basement apartment on Richards St in Sugarhouse with sweet Piper (Whom I haven't heard from in forever, totally not her fault cause I lost touch) We were having a ball! I believe we had defied our landlord and gotten a kitten (she would turn out to be the fatest cat I'd ever seen) and I lived in mortal fear of being caught with her. Let that be a lesson to all of you, breaking the rules doesn't pay. I think at the time I was working in the Westminster College bakery, or I may have started working for Deseret Book by then. Either way I didn't really enjoy work, but it got me through the days.

3. One year ago...
We had just moved to Wyoming and were settling into our new home and ward. It was a blessing to be working for such a good company and still is. Our ward was incredible too. I'd just been called to be the ward Music Director, and was just getting to know my neighbor Jamie! She and I have since become very close friends and I treasure the fact that Heavenly Father placed her in my life as "not only your neighbor, but my Visiting Teacher and Friend"(as she would say).
I had just found out that we were expecting Jaxson and I was scared out of my wits! Let's just say we didn't expect him and I was nervous about having 3 under 3. I was speaking to my mom everyday and soaking up all the advice she could offer. It would be about 4 months later that we would find out her cancer was back, and only 4 short months after that (can it really have only been 4 months) that we would lose her. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have spent way more time with her. I would have talked about more important things with her, as opposed to diaper rash and how my pants were fitting that day. I think I would have asked her to teach me some of the incredible things that she could do (like knitting and cooking) and I would have been making videos of her. That's one of the things that gets me the most. My kids won't remember her and I worry sometimes that my memories just aren't going to be enough for them. And now that I've brought the mood down, next question please!

4. Yesterday...
Yesterday I did not much of anything. Jaxson was pretty fussy and had an upset tummy, so I did lots of walking around and shushing. I did find time for a rousing game of Candy Land and Hi Ho Cherry-o though. I also cleaned my house (not that you can tell today) and helped Cory write a paper. Not a terribly exciting day I guess. I did test out our new paint color in the bathroom and am sooo excited to have it all done.

5. 5 snacks I enjoy
1. Fruit, any kind
2. Rice Cakes, especially the unflavored ones (weird huh, I must have a thing for Styrofoam)
3. Chocolate, again any kind
4. pretzels
5. Peanut butter power balls (my mom use to make them when I was little. Peanut butter, honey, raisins, oatmeal, very tasty)

6. 5 things I would do with a million dollars...
That's a hard one, I'd probably buy a new house, pay off the one we're in, get us out of debt, and then go on a real family vacation (not to someone elses' house). If there were left overs I'd buy Trace a horse. Living in WY has made him quite he cowboy and he would really like to ride one, and I wouldn't mind myself.

7. 5 places I'd run away to
1. Heaven (is that possible)
2. Europe (any country)
3. NM to see my Dad
4. ummmm we really have to come up with 5?
5. I don't know, I guess I'd like to go to NY sometime, yeah lets go with NY

8. 5 TV shows I like
1. Americas Next Top Model (it's my guilty pleasure)
2. Lost
3. Heroes
4. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Cartoon on Nickolodeon that I'm so addicted to)
5. Anything on Food Network

9. 5 things I hate doing
1. Washing the cheese grater (did that this morning so it's on my mind)
2. Washing Children (ever tried to bathe 3 kids in time to leave the house by noon, its nearly impossible)
3. Cleaning that bathroom!
4. paying over $2.59 for gas, this time last year it was $1.89 here. BLAH!
5. Laundry

10. 5 people I tag
1. Mandy
2. Jami
3. Kira
4. Diane
5. hmmm any takers!


Laurie said...

Annie, your post made ME miss your mom! I am so touched by your thoughts.... thanks

Zackira's said...

What the heck? You didn't tag me! I love you and I love that I can read your sense of humor! Love ya

di said...

how fun!!!!!!

Grampa Hadley said...

Annie, I never knew my grandparents on the Hadley side and I was 8 or 9 when my grandparents on the Bastian side died. It has caused me to do as much reserach into them as I can and try to find out who they are. It hasn't been a bad thing, through this and the Lord's help I feel like I know them and look forward to embracing them. Keep telling the kids about gramma Black. They will learn to love her as much as you do, through you.