Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Happenings

I have been struggling to get pictures to upload, but I was successful on facebook so I've included the link above to view our photos.
October was a fun month around our house. We went to Salt Lake and went to a pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Hadley. The kids had a blast wandering through the pumpkins and deciding which one they wanted. Then we brought them home and "carved" them. We found a handy little kit where the kids were able to put pegs in their pumpkins. Then on Halloween we'll put candles inside and the pegs will glow. Should be lots of fun.
Then last night we went to a friends house for a halloween party. We've got a Wizard/Princess this year. She wanted to be a wizard all year and then last sunday, after talking to her friend Paige, decided that maybe a princess was better. So she's covered in glitter, with a girly wand, and a wizards cape (phew!). At least she's happy right?!?
Trace is a vampire and he loves that he's scary! Jax is a spider this year and figured out pretty quickly that those extra limbs come in handy for knocking things down. And then Mason is a skeleton. Check out the pictures. They are darn cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Spookin'!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


It's official! I have passed my first math course for this term. I'm darn proud of myself (I haven't done math for almost 10 years!). Just thought I'd toot my own horn and say I PASSED!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's Officially OLD!!!

Yesterday Cory turned the big 2-8! We had a lot of fun going to dinner as a family and then came home for Chocolate cake!! But what we'd like to share today is the 28 reasons we love Daddy/Cory
1. Because he's my Dad (Trace)
2. Because he's my Dad too (kena)
3. Umm I love him my Dad (Jaxson)
4. He's an amazing husband.
5. He works really hard for us.
6. He holds the priesthood.
7. He uses that priesthood when we need him to.
8. He presides over our family with love and patience.
9. He makes awesome Pancakes! (from scratch!!)
10. He loves us!
11. He's amazing!
12. He's one handsome dude!!
13. He plays with us.
14. He gives us allowance (trace again)
15. He's a good hugger.
16. I just love him so much (Kena)
17. He likes to Wrestle! (Trace)
18. Did I mention he's hot.
19. He reads scriptures with us.
20. He teaches a mean FHE.
21. He takes Mason so I can do my calling to the best of my abilities.
22. He gives me time away when I need it.
23. Random flowers...need I say more.
24. Date night.
25. He balances me.
26. His dumb jokes and his silly names for things (Slopko, Up-chuckarama)
27. That I can be fully myself with him and he loves me just the same.
28. He's our Dad, my husband, the leader of our home, the balance in our marriage. In short you're amazing Cory and I love and always!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have good kids...

Trace and I have had a lot of talks recently about people who have less then we do and how blessed we are. He's started to take notice of friends at school who have to borrow coats and hats and who seem to be a little worse off. We've had several conversations this week about the blessings that the Lord has provided our family and I'm grateful to have those kinds of conversations with him. I mean what mommy doesn't want her children to grow up with compassion and empathy.
So this morning my pride in my children went up a notch. They decided that they wanted to give some toys to friends who might not have them. So we got out all of our toys (6 toy boxes full) and dumped them on the ground. We sorted and played a little, and ultimately narrowed down our toys from 6 to 3 toy boxes. They picked lots of toys to send to DI so that someone else's Christmas might be a little brighter. Kena even picked some of her favorite dolls to send because "I have enough mommy!"
I'm bursting with pride in my kids this morning. I'm glad that they have sympathy for their friends who need a hand. I'm blessed that they have been able to see the need in the world at their little ages and that they want to help. I love my kids and I am blessed!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hadley Happenings!

Kena with Whip Cream nose. Who wouldn't love it right! We had pumkin pie when Cory came home from Casper and the kids had fun playing.
Trace after "smelling" his whip cream. Gag Courtesy of Mom.

A crafty Turkey!

This month has been one of fun and excitement at the Hadley House. We had birthday parties and craft parties, and baby showers. Here's a quick update on all of us.

Cory is still pugging along with his Masters Degree and will be done in December (Big Sigh of RELIEF!!). He's been really busy with work and getting ready for an audit. He was gone for a whole week and we're so happy to have him back. We're getting ready to celebrate his 28th Birthday next week and it'll be fun to tease him about being an old man for 2 months until I join him!
Trace is as happy as ever. He's 5 now and I can hardly believe how big he is getting. He's started his second year of preschool and is so happy to be one of the older kids. He's always telling me about how he's the example and he has to be good so the little kids know the rules. He's an amazing helper here at home too. He loves to play with Mason and feed him bottles. He's also very good and showing his brothers and sister how to play new games.
Kena wants to be a big kid like Trace and she's so close it's scary. She's very bright and able to get anyone to do what she wants. Her favorite animal is little dog and we are never very far from him. Apparently I've become a grandma at an early age as that is what little dog calls me. My favorite part of Kena is how loveable she is and how much she adores Trace. This week as been full of "Mom, guess what I want for Christmas!?!" followed by me asking what...and this response "I want...I want...Trace what do I want?" It cracks me up.
Jaxson is learning to be more obedient and it has made our relationship grow immensley. We are learning how to handle his personality and get it ourselves in check. He's my cuddle buddy, the only child I've ever had who wants to just sit on my lap and be held for no other reason then being close. He's a very sweet boy who loves to play with his brothers and sister and help with mason, although sometimes his help is just a bit to helpful. He's a joy in our home and cracks us up with the things he says. He's also learning to say his own prayers. All we can make out are "blessings" and "patches" but I'm sure our Father in Heaven understands.
Mason is joy in my life. He's an amazing kid who always has a smile on his face. He sleeps through the night most nights and is just genuinley amazing. He's also starte squealing with delight when he likes something or someone. What a boy. The video I'm posting is of him falling asleep at the dinner table. It was so funny and cute.
I too and doing well. School is going well and I'm getting ready to take my first math test in 10 years. Wish me luck, math is not my strong point. I'm also starting a store on Etsy, at least when I can finally decide on a store name. I've picked up a couple of skills that people seem to think are good, so I'm gonna toss them out there and see how I do. I'll also be teaching a class at Super Saturday this year (YIKES!!). Apparently everyone around me give me more credit then I give myself. I really enjoyed conference this year. The talks really spoke to me...especially the Saturday morning session. Most of the talks seemed to be about feeling the spirit and being who we say we are. I loved it. It made me want to strive to be more of an example to those around me and to truely live me life in accordance with His plan. In short I'll be doing more of walking the walk and talking the talk. I also enjoyed Elder Hollands talk. It was amazing to hear a voice that was so powerful. I got chills listening to him and I am sure that no one within the sound of his voice could deny the truth of his words. In short conference was amazing!