Friday, April 29, 2011

Olivia June

Our sweet little Livvy June joined our family on April 26th at 12:26 in the afternoon. Only 4 hours of labor from start to finish was a blessing for me. She is strong and healthy, although I've been unable to produce the milk she needs to maintain her body weight, so it looks like she'll be a formula baby too. Although it bums me out not to be able to nurse her, I'm glad she'll be able to thrive. Everyone here is enamored with her, and her brothers and sister absolutely adore her! I'm so glad she's a part of our family!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I know it's a day late, but we love you all and hope your Easter was spectacular! I'm so grateful to my Savior for His sacrifice that makes it possible for my little family to be mine forever!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Eggs!

The gangs all here!
Captain Ham!
Kenadee, doing a pink egg. What else!?
Jaxson posing with his green egg. He did 3, all green. Wonder what his favorite color is?
Mason made some of the coolest eggs, mostly because he would start with rolling them, then when we weren't watching he'd dunk them in different colors. He had one that was pink and orange and looked like a sunrise!

The finished products!

Egg dying is one of our favorite family traditions, and this year was no exception. We bought an awesome dye kit that let the kids use little paint rollers as opposed to just the dunk method. That's how we got that awesome rainbow egg (thank you Trace!) and the deep purple (Kenadee's contribution). All in all it was an incredibly messy and fun night! Happy Easter!

My big helper!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 years ago...

...the doctor placed this beautiful bundle of baby goodness in my arms and I've been in love every since!
My sweet little Kena girl joined our family and there was no looking back. Everyone was in love with her instantly. She had such a sweet disposition and who wouldn't love the baby pudge!
(All bundled up and ready to go home)
So in honor of her 5th year with us I'd like to share 5 things we love about our baby girl.
1. Her hair. It's always been so much fun to do her up in little piggies and ponies. And when it's got a mind of it's own I love it even more (look down a bit for a great bed head shot!)
2. Kena has always had a sunny disposition. Even as a baby she was always so happy and smiley. Who could help loving her!

3. She loves her brothers! Look at what she was willing to let Trace do to her! She plays so nicely with them and is such a big helper to mommy. She's happy to do whatever is asked of her without to much complaint!
4. Kena has such a stong will. She's always been one to stick to her guns and although sometimes it's been a challenge, I love that about her. She's one little girl that will stick to the things we teach her and not stray from them. She's a joy to me.

5. And finally, how about that sass! She's got the spunkiest personality and I love that she poses every time she knows I'm taking her picture!
And that wraps it up folks. There are so many more great qualities I could right about, but for now just know that we love you Doll!! Happy Birthday Sister!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's party time!

Every conference in April we have an extra special Saturday. See it was 5 years ago that my sweet little sunshine joined our family and conference weekend just happens to be the perfect time for a party! So we pullout our finest plastic wear, string up some balloons and start the celebration!
Kenadee invited a few of her little friends over for a cupcake party this year and we thought it was fitting that Paige got her a cupcake. It's a cute little jewelry box with a cupcake necklace inside.
Laney came and brought small animals (another of Kena's favorites) and Rebekah gave her some yummy smelling soaps (I didn't get a picture, oops!).
From her brothers she got a fur real friend. This kitty will walk around with her and purr when you pet it.
And the creepy crown jewel of her party was a Lalaloopsy. I don't know how many of you have seen these dolls, but I find them just a little creepy. This is Jewels Sparkle and she was sewn from a real princess dress. My favorite part of this gift was that when she got it all unwrapped her expression was "I can't believe you remembered!" Well of course I remembered. It's my job silly girl!
And finally she got a Rapunzel doll. We've got a new found obsession at our house with Tangled and she's been doing doll hair all afternoon!
Then after a tasty lunch of grilled hot dogs and french fries, we decorated our very own cupcakes! We had all sorts of fun sprinkles out for the kids, and I made home made whip cream frosting (super tasty!). The girls had so much fun making their cupcakes pretty. I think this is an idea we may keep around for our next little lady.
And this is the shot I took when I realized that Kenadee was missing from the last one. She was being so meticulous about her cupcake that she wouldn't even look up for a photo. So here's to my sweet Mary Sunshine and the love and laughter she brings to our home. We love you Kena!