Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He crawls

Up on those knees!

Say Cheese!

Despite the obnoxious teather that he had for almost a full week (which I am happy to report is no gone!) my little Mason learned to crawl. All of my other children spent about a month doing the "army man" if you will, but Mason went straight to the crawl. He's so cute and so mobile. I love it!

I'm also including some random happenings from our house. Mason got a new hat that fits his head and doesn't have any of those obnoxious straps under his chin! Hurray!

And the final one is of a stack of cups that Trace was so proud of. We bought a small package of plastic cups to hold snacks on our last car trip and they have been the most sought after toy in our house the last few weeks. They've been everything from stackers to goggles. Hurray for imagination!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mason's Adventure

His oxygen monitor through the sock made his toe glow!
Mason and I just after he got his IV

On Saturday Mason started acting sick. He was lathargic and not eating and I was pretty worried about him. However we have a nasty ER Co pay, so we held out until Monday to take him to the doctor.

We got there and his oxygen levels were really low and he could barely lift his head! So sad...so the local doctor sent us in to our pediatrician. She checked him over and decided that he needed to be admited to the hospital.

Once there he had an IV put in his head (apparently head veins in pudgy babies are best) above his left hear, he had a chest x-ray, blood work drawn, two RSV tests and a flu test. All came back negative. Hurray. They gave him IV fluids for about 6 hours and he perked right up. He was even playing with the nurses. About 7 o'clock he rolled over and pulled out his IV, but thankfully we were able to leave it out since he was doing so well. He also got his first hair cut then because the tape was stuck to it!

By morning he was doing really well except his oxygen levels. But because he was eating so well the doctor sent us home with oxygen. We go back tomorrow to see if he's well enough to come off of it or if he'll have to stay on for a while. It can take up to a month for a kid his size to get fully better! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! We love you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Isn't it funny...

...the things that remind me of Mom. Recently there has been a facebook post going around about cancer awareness. They want women to write their bra color for cancer awareness (dumb since the posts don't mention cancer and anyone not in the loop has no clue that it's for cancer so how is it raising awareness??) and I'm tired of seeing the colors because every time I do I think of her. I've gotten so good at only thinking of her when I'm in a spot that I can cry and I'm thinking now I have to stay off Facebook until this all blows over. I miss her! I've heard them all, she's in a better place, she was needed there, she's finishing her mission on the other side, but unfortunately it doesn't help. Where could have been better then here with her family? Who needed her more then me! I miss her! I want a hug, to hear her laugh. I want to talk to her, tell her about my day, ask her my questions, and hear that I'm going to make it or she's proud of me. I know, I should know that she's proud, but would it be so awful to hear her voice one more time calling me Anna-roo and saying she loves me. Where's my direct line to heaven? I miss her! And now that I've ranted let me say that I know Heavenly Father has a bigger plan for all of us and my mortal mind can't comprehend it all. I know He is a loving Heavenly Father who will take care of his children and that he knows what I'm going through. I know it will all be ok and I'm so grateful that I get to be with her forever, but in case I haven't mentioned it sometimes...I miss her!