Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday we lost Grandma Maxwell, and even though we'd known it as coming, it's not really the kind of thing you can be ready for. Add that to the fact that I'd had Mom's death close all day and it was just a rough Sunday. But I found a quote that I remember them reading at my Grandpa Ellsworth's funeral and it sums up how I feel pretty well.

"We are standing on a shore. A large sailing ship is about to pull out. Friends and relatives of ours are standing on the deck, waving goodbye, throwing streamers, calling to us, calling our names. And we call to them and to each other. ‘Look, there’s Grandma…there’s Uncle Joe…there’s Uncle Bill.’ A bell sounds. The ships begins to move away.

"We stand silently for a very long time and watch as the ship goes further and further away until, finally, the mast is just a vertical pencil line on the distant horizon. Then it too goes down, until we can no longer see it. And we sigh, ‘Oh, she’s gone.’

"But gone from where? Gone from our sight. That’s all.

"For at the very moment we sigh, ‘Oh, she’s gone,’ another cried on another shore is jumping up and down, laughing and yelling and pointing excitedly out to sea saying, ‘Look! She’s coming. Look, the ship Is coming home! Look! There’s Grandma…there’s Uncle Joe…there’s Uncle Bill.’"

"The ship is coming home. There is another shore, another dimension in which we have already begun to live." (God Can Handle it Day by Day)

I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. For the knowledge if gives me of the resurrection and the eternal nature of families. While Grandma may be gone from our sight for the time being, we know that she is with all those she loved and lost before. And although it doesn't make it hurt any less, it does make that hurt temporary. What a blessing that is, especially on the rough days.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Normally I don't think twice about making resolutions in January. I never seem to follow through and it just makes me feel guilty in the end. But this year may be the exception. You see I've picked up a guilty pleasure that sometimes makes me skin many of you have watched A&E's Hoarders?

This is a picture of a hoarded house and I can hardly believe that people live like this and worse. For instance, this evening episode will feature a man whose home is infested with literally hundreds of rats, that he believes are his pets! Ewww!! Or there was last weeks episode where the cleaning crew discovered a "bathroom" that the owners had started using once their plumbing was covered in stuff. It amounted to plastic bags and a closet, I'll let your imagination figure out the rest...double ewww!
You may be wondering what all of this has to do with me and my resolution. Let me be the first to say that I'm not a hoarder by any stretch (although I must admit that watching this show makes me question some of my tendency's to keep scraps of paper and material for crafting purposes!), but we all have room for improvement right. My home is full of toys that aren't being played with, clothes that haven't been worn in years, and a cupboard that is full of unused appliances. So this year I begin to de-clutter.
In years past I used moves as an excuse to de-clutter. If it hadn't been used in a year, and wasn't sentimental or seasonal, it was gone. That's the beauty of apartment dwelling I suppose. But now that we've started to establish a permanent home, I'm hoping that I can apply the same philosophy every year. Wish me luck as I begin my anti hoard!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leave your "mark" on the world!

This phrase is something we say to our children pretty often. We want them to be productive and contributing members of society. We want them to be understanding of those around them and show love to others, but we didn't know we'd be taken so literally...

Apparently this morning before anyone else was up or out of bed, Mason found the box of markers. It was all over his sheets, blankets, pillow pet, legs, arms, pj's and face. I thought it was blissful that we got to sleep until 7:30. He's usually the first to wake us up at 6! Turns out this morning wasn't much different, he just had something to fill his time! What a kid!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Girl Hadley

We're so excited for the new addition to our little family. I can't help but feel like she'll be rounding us out just perfectly (and considering she'll be the last, that's a very good thing!). I had a doctors appointment this week and everything looks really good. I'm 24 weeks and measuring more like 33, but anyone who knows me knows that this is totally the norm. She has a super strong heartbeat and she's a wiggler so there's no concerns about how she's doing.
I have my next ultrasound on February 3rd and I'm so excited. I want to start washing clothes and getting ready for her. I found an awesome website called . It's like yard selling from my couch and I got a box full of brand new baby clothes for only $15! What a steal.
Then last weekend we got a knock on our door and it was my dear friend Jannette. About 3 years ago they had a baby girl on the way and went nuts buying crib sets and girlie things...only to find out a month before she was born that she was actually a he! They recently had another little boy and they decided that the clothes should get some use instead of collecting dust. It was such a generous thought, especially considering that they're littlest is in the hospital today recovering from heart surgery (his second). It makes me feel truly blessed to live where we do and have the amazing ward family that we have.
Our last goal is narrowing down a name. We know she'll be "something" June Hadley, but the something is still a bit of a mystery. We've narrowed it down to 3, Audrey, Avery, or Austin. We'll let you know what we decide! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New year!

May your new year bring you as much joy as I'm sure ours will!

The Hadley Handful