Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Video for you...

We had a good one and we hope you did too! May the New Year bring you as much joy as you have room for!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I guess it worked!

This year it was our hope to have a Christ centered Christmas and I do believe we've succeeded. We purchased a nativity set for our kids this year and hoped that they would play with it and be able to grasp the idea of the nativity story a little better. Everyday they play with it, and everynight I set it back up, staged to look like all the other nativities in our home; Mary and Joseph looking at the Christ child, with shepherds and wisemen set to their perspective sides. And every morning I come out of my room to our nativity set like this:
My sweet Jaxson sets up our set regularly like this and it makes me smile. Every single figure is looking at the true reason that we celebrate. I guess we accomplished what we set out to do.

As a side note, some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that we have 2 baby Jesus' in our nativity this year. Our first baby we believed was flushed within hours of his arrival at our home, and what's a nativity without a baby Jesus. So I quickly hoped on line and found a replacement Jesus from a different set. That baby came yesterday and today I located our other Jesus, under the board games in the closet (why didn't I think to look there!). So now we have a spare!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary life... gives us a fairytale! Six years ago today I was awake after a sleepless night and lots of girl talk. My sweet Mom was sitting in my dining room trying not to wake me (I'd have had to have been asleep for that!) and so I got up and visited with her. We talked about life, she gave me advice, and told me how grateful she was for Cory. She knew he would take care of me and that he was a good man. I was glad my parents could see that because it was so true!
Of course I couldn't eat, I was to excited to eat, but my sweet Dad thought I should eat something. So as I headed out the door to the hair place he passed me a string cheese and a boiled egg. Sweet Daddy! Thankfully my dear friend Kira had a slim fast in her car. It was probably easier on my tummy.
We got my hair done and met my parents at the temple. I remember that as we were walking out of the parking garage, I looked across the street and there he was! The man of my dreams, my happily ever after. He looked so good in his suit.
We walked into the temple that day together as two individuals and came out as one. The blessings of that day have carried on and I'm so grateful for a man who was able to take me to the temple and promise me forever. It was a glorious day, so cold that everyone else was in coats, but I was nothing but warm and happy. Even our videographer commented that he had never seen a more smiley couple. It's true! My cheeks hurt so much by the end of that day but it was worth it!
I love you R. You are my best friend and my favorite boy! Thank you for 6 amazing years and here's to forever!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Season of JOY

My Merry Monkeys!

Santa Baby

The True Reason for the Season. This Nativity is actually in the reflection pond at Temple Square.

The House of the Lord.

This is my favorite shot (minus the dude's head in the corner) I love the big orange tree and the way the temple just peeks through it.
This year Cory and I were extra dilligent about getting our shopping for Christmas out of the way before December, and we've succeeded with the exception of a few stockings stuffers. We wanted to make Christmas this year more Christ centered and I think we're succeeding. We started our season by attending the lights at Temple Square. It was beautiful and the spirit there was amazing. Our kids went 2 1/2 hours in the cold with no fights or complaints. If thats not a miracle then I dont know what is!
We've also been reading various scripture stories about the savior this month for our family scripture study. We've been reading about Samuel the lamanite and Mary and Joseph. It's been fun to teach the kids and feel the spirit that the scriptures bring to our home.
We purchased a small nativity for children, as well as a felt board nativity set and we're hoping that by having a Christ centered Christmas toy the kids will be able to more fully understand the Saviors birth. Then we took the kids Christmas shopping for eachother. It's so fun to watch them pick toys for someone other then themselves. They did such a good job.
I'm hoping that a few small things will help our little family to remember the birth of our Savior this season. It's all to often that He is removed from the festivities of this time of year and I don't want to fall into that trend. I'm so greatful for my Savior, for His birth, life, and sacrafice for me. What an honor it is to be loved so much by one so perfect, while I am so imperfect. I'm greatful for His sacrafice which makes it possible for me to be with my family forever, and to see my sweet Mother again. His gospel brings joy to my life and peace to my soul. I hope that we can all find a way to let him into our lives this year and remember that He is the reason we celebrate!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

Chocolate Carmel Corn

My popcorn helpers! Gotta love those sort of smiles! What nuts!

We had one minor mishap with the popcorn at the beginning of our afternoon! OOPS!

The end result!! We didn't have enough butter so it's a not as shiney as I would have liked, but the taste was spot on!

This week we made a yummy treat. I'm trying to find new and easy things to add to my Christmas plates and I think this ones a winner. We had a blast together making it and the result was delicious!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I need to remember...

I love my kids! They are an amazing blessing in my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Although I have days when I forget to show it as much as I should. More often then it should happen I find myself feeling bad that we didn't play more, or be silly, or noisy. I give lots of hugs and say "I love you" often enough, but I wonder sometimes if my actions always back up what I feel for my little ones.
I've been following Paul Cardall's blog (link on the side bar) and he posted a quote this evening that I'm going to put on my bathroom mirror, a gentle reminder of what my kids should feel.
"All you need in your life is a mother who loves you and you have within you the power to become a giant among men."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He sits!

Mason's been getting so big, rolling, and babbling, but today we hit a big milestone. He sits!! He's been sitting with help for a couple of weeks, but this afternoon he started sitting all on his own. What a big boy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A few random shots

Tired Eyes!
We had our first really beautiful day in a couple of weeks and the munchkins jumped on the trampoline for 2 hours!

His "I just ate lunch" face. What a ham!

Kena loved this little pumkin and didn't put it down for a couple days after we got home from the pumpkin patch.

My big boy with the pumpkins. I can't believe how big Trace is getting. He's such a big help to me and I love how much he can do now!

Brothers don't shake hands...brothers gotta hug!

We have darn cute kids and I thought I'd share a few of the pictures I've taken over the last few weeks.

6 Month Old Mason

My little boy is so big. He's 6 months old now and did his doctors appointment like a trooper. She said he was the happiest kid she'd seen in a long time. All grins and giggles, and she especially loved that when he stuck out his tongue it was curled. He's getting so big I can hardly believe it. Here's some stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 13 0z
Height: 26 inches
He's average for his weight and little on the short side but with parents who are short he doesn't have a big chance of being huge right?!? But he is healthy and happy and that's what we care about.
Mason has started to eat solids and loves pears and sweet potatoes. He's also figured out that dinner time means everyone else is eating and if he doesn't have something to munch on he gets very indignant. We are keeping the folks who produce biter biscuits in business. He's all grins all the time and we love him so darn much. Our family just wouldn't be the same without our "Sason".

Pumpkins are like rabbits...

...and how is that you ask? This year we picked so carefully and were sure that we'd only grabbed Jack-o-lanterns. Turns out we must have gotten at least one Jill-o-lantern because the morning after Halloween this is what we woke up to...

Every Jack-o-lantern from the neighborhood made it's way into our yard and they were all looking at our house. In years past the neighborhood kids had smashed our pumpkins, but apparently this year we got the extra special treat of having to throw away 30 some odd pumpkins. The joys of Halloween right!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Happenings

I have been struggling to get pictures to upload, but I was successful on facebook so I've included the link above to view our photos.
October was a fun month around our house. We went to Salt Lake and went to a pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Hadley. The kids had a blast wandering through the pumpkins and deciding which one they wanted. Then we brought them home and "carved" them. We found a handy little kit where the kids were able to put pegs in their pumpkins. Then on Halloween we'll put candles inside and the pegs will glow. Should be lots of fun.
Then last night we went to a friends house for a halloween party. We've got a Wizard/Princess this year. She wanted to be a wizard all year and then last sunday, after talking to her friend Paige, decided that maybe a princess was better. So she's covered in glitter, with a girly wand, and a wizards cape (phew!). At least she's happy right?!?
Trace is a vampire and he loves that he's scary! Jax is a spider this year and figured out pretty quickly that those extra limbs come in handy for knocking things down. And then Mason is a skeleton. Check out the pictures. They are darn cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Spookin'!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


It's official! I have passed my first math course for this term. I'm darn proud of myself (I haven't done math for almost 10 years!). Just thought I'd toot my own horn and say I PASSED!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's Officially OLD!!!

Yesterday Cory turned the big 2-8! We had a lot of fun going to dinner as a family and then came home for Chocolate cake!! But what we'd like to share today is the 28 reasons we love Daddy/Cory
1. Because he's my Dad (Trace)
2. Because he's my Dad too (kena)
3. Umm I love him my Dad (Jaxson)
4. He's an amazing husband.
5. He works really hard for us.
6. He holds the priesthood.
7. He uses that priesthood when we need him to.
8. He presides over our family with love and patience.
9. He makes awesome Pancakes! (from scratch!!)
10. He loves us!
11. He's amazing!
12. He's one handsome dude!!
13. He plays with us.
14. He gives us allowance (trace again)
15. He's a good hugger.
16. I just love him so much (Kena)
17. He likes to Wrestle! (Trace)
18. Did I mention he's hot.
19. He reads scriptures with us.
20. He teaches a mean FHE.
21. He takes Mason so I can do my calling to the best of my abilities.
22. He gives me time away when I need it.
23. Random flowers...need I say more.
24. Date night.
25. He balances me.
26. His dumb jokes and his silly names for things (Slopko, Up-chuckarama)
27. That I can be fully myself with him and he loves me just the same.
28. He's our Dad, my husband, the leader of our home, the balance in our marriage. In short you're amazing Cory and I love and always!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have good kids...

Trace and I have had a lot of talks recently about people who have less then we do and how blessed we are. He's started to take notice of friends at school who have to borrow coats and hats and who seem to be a little worse off. We've had several conversations this week about the blessings that the Lord has provided our family and I'm grateful to have those kinds of conversations with him. I mean what mommy doesn't want her children to grow up with compassion and empathy.
So this morning my pride in my children went up a notch. They decided that they wanted to give some toys to friends who might not have them. So we got out all of our toys (6 toy boxes full) and dumped them on the ground. We sorted and played a little, and ultimately narrowed down our toys from 6 to 3 toy boxes. They picked lots of toys to send to DI so that someone else's Christmas might be a little brighter. Kena even picked some of her favorite dolls to send because "I have enough mommy!"
I'm bursting with pride in my kids this morning. I'm glad that they have sympathy for their friends who need a hand. I'm blessed that they have been able to see the need in the world at their little ages and that they want to help. I love my kids and I am blessed!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hadley Happenings!

Kena with Whip Cream nose. Who wouldn't love it right! We had pumkin pie when Cory came home from Casper and the kids had fun playing.
Trace after "smelling" his whip cream. Gag Courtesy of Mom.

A crafty Turkey!

This month has been one of fun and excitement at the Hadley House. We had birthday parties and craft parties, and baby showers. Here's a quick update on all of us.

Cory is still pugging along with his Masters Degree and will be done in December (Big Sigh of RELIEF!!). He's been really busy with work and getting ready for an audit. He was gone for a whole week and we're so happy to have him back. We're getting ready to celebrate his 28th Birthday next week and it'll be fun to tease him about being an old man for 2 months until I join him!
Trace is as happy as ever. He's 5 now and I can hardly believe how big he is getting. He's started his second year of preschool and is so happy to be one of the older kids. He's always telling me about how he's the example and he has to be good so the little kids know the rules. He's an amazing helper here at home too. He loves to play with Mason and feed him bottles. He's also very good and showing his brothers and sister how to play new games.
Kena wants to be a big kid like Trace and she's so close it's scary. She's very bright and able to get anyone to do what she wants. Her favorite animal is little dog and we are never very far from him. Apparently I've become a grandma at an early age as that is what little dog calls me. My favorite part of Kena is how loveable she is and how much she adores Trace. This week as been full of "Mom, guess what I want for Christmas!?!" followed by me asking what...and this response "I want...I want...Trace what do I want?" It cracks me up.
Jaxson is learning to be more obedient and it has made our relationship grow immensley. We are learning how to handle his personality and get it ourselves in check. He's my cuddle buddy, the only child I've ever had who wants to just sit on my lap and be held for no other reason then being close. He's a very sweet boy who loves to play with his brothers and sister and help with mason, although sometimes his help is just a bit to helpful. He's a joy in our home and cracks us up with the things he says. He's also learning to say his own prayers. All we can make out are "blessings" and "patches" but I'm sure our Father in Heaven understands.
Mason is joy in my life. He's an amazing kid who always has a smile on his face. He sleeps through the night most nights and is just genuinley amazing. He's also starte squealing with delight when he likes something or someone. What a boy. The video I'm posting is of him falling asleep at the dinner table. It was so funny and cute.
I too and doing well. School is going well and I'm getting ready to take my first math test in 10 years. Wish me luck, math is not my strong point. I'm also starting a store on Etsy, at least when I can finally decide on a store name. I've picked up a couple of skills that people seem to think are good, so I'm gonna toss them out there and see how I do. I'll also be teaching a class at Super Saturday this year (YIKES!!). Apparently everyone around me give me more credit then I give myself. I really enjoyed conference this year. The talks really spoke to me...especially the Saturday morning session. Most of the talks seemed to be about feeling the spirit and being who we say we are. I loved it. It made me want to strive to be more of an example to those around me and to truely live me life in accordance with His plan. In short I'll be doing more of walking the walk and talking the talk. I also enjoyed Elder Hollands talk. It was amazing to hear a voice that was so powerful. I got chills listening to him and I am sure that no one within the sound of his voice could deny the truth of his words. In short conference was amazing!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trace is 5!

Trace running the hero race!

Kena knocking over "bad guys" to save the princess in our hero race.

Trace and his super hero cake.

Super Hero Capes, made from t-shirts, were a big hit at the party!

Today my little boy turns 5. Where has the time gone...

We had his first "friends" party this year and he wanted a super hero theme. The kids decorated super hero capes, then ran a super hero race. Then we had hot dogs and cake. Trace said "It was so much fun, it was AWESOME!!"
It seems like not to long ago the nurses put that pudgy baby boy, with his wild hair and beautiful eyes, in my arms and I was instantly in love. Trace is a great kid so without further ado, here are the 5 things we love about Trace.

1. Trace has an amazing spirit. He gets along with everyone around him and is in tune with the feelings of others. He's the first to notice when someone is sad, and the first to try to cheer them up. He genuinly loves everyone around him.

2. Trace has a great imagination. He's always coming up with silly games to play and funny things to say. I love his sense of humor.

3.Kenadee loves Trace because "he is so so special to us!" It's true. I can't imagine our family without him.

4. Jaxson loves how patient Trace is with him. They play together and have a good time almost all the time.

5. And finally, we love that Trace loves us. He wants to help around the house, and watch his brothers and sisters, and take care of all of us. He loves us and we love him. Happy Birthday Monkey!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No David

I asked the kids to help keep the baby happy while I finished they read him No David. Thomas this is for you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mason vs. the box!

Tonight for family home evening we made Rice Krispie Treats. It was a really fun lesson. Mom and Dad were the butter and marshmallow's and we were "sealed" together in the temple (or microwave) then all our of our kids were put in with us (the rice krispies) and we all stuck because we were sealed together as a family. Very fun and the kids all learned from it.

Well when we were done we were putting the finishing touches on the treats and Mason started knocking over the box of krispies. He was so darn cute and excited about it. Every time it fell he shook with happiness. What a doll!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school

Sweet Big Brother wouldn't take his first day picture without his brother and sister!

Trace started School on the 9th and he is in heaven being back in school. He loves his new teacher Mr. Drew and was so happy to be back with friends.

Cute boy

This is how we found Jax watching TV.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well Kids

We had well child checks for Jaxson and Mason this week and here are their stats.
Jaxson is in the 97% for his head size. the 50% for weight (32 lbs), and the 50% for height. He is doing well and the doctor is super impressed with his language skills. Apparently they are more typical of a 3 year old. He's happy and healthy and we love him!

Mason is in the 95% for head size, the 25% for his weight (14 lbs), and the 5% for height although I'm not sure that one is correct because he was awfully squirmy and he looks longer then that to me. He impressed the doctor with being able to sit up and roll over, and he babbled at her like it was going out of style. He too is happy and healthy.

I'll post pictures later of these little milestones. I can hardly believe how quickly my babies are growing up around me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A house of many colors!

We are in the process of updating our home. Whether it be for our future enjoyment, or to increase it's resale value, we do not know, but I'm loving the result. Today I painted a small alcove in our hall a deep mocha color and I love it. I just had to share!

I stand corrected!

Many of you reading this blog may have previously heard my stand on the Bumbo Baby Seat. It ranged from "What a silly product!" to "It looks like a torture device, not a chair!" But I am hear today, mother to a 4 month old baby who refuses to lay down, but cannot hold himself up, and I proudly state, "I stand corrected!"

Tonight we purchased a Bumbo chair for Mason and he LOVES it. It's perhaps the best investment I've ever made for a child and I think that I to am going to love it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ode to a Mouse Hunter

T’was a day deep in August,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except for a MOUSE!

The children were nestled,
All snug in their seat,
When the cry from the kitchen,
Rang loudly…”RETREAT!”

The kitty, a toy,
For his pleasure had found,
And the Momma’s cry,
From the walls did resound.

Then what from the driveway,
Did her happy ears hear?
But the sound of a mouse hunter,
It calmed most of her fear.

He came into the house,
With a broom and a cup,
And proceed to find and,
Scoop the mousy right up.

The homestead was safe,
From the mousy once more,
Thanks to the Hunter,
Who peace did restore!

Cory has been out of town the last few days and we were unpleasantly surprised by the appearance of a mouse in our house (Thank you Patches for that little present!). So my dear friend Kristina, who's husband happens to work just down the road, sent Rich to come save us from the small creature who had invaded our space. Thank you again Rich for saving us from our irrational fear of the fuzzy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a PRIDE thing!

I made a baby shower invite that turned out so cute I just had to share! It's for my cute friend Kristina who is expecting her first girl. I wanted it to be pinkalicious and I think I succeeded.

Cute boy!

Tired Boy, I love that he looks like a stuffed animal with his back curled like that.
Yummy Rice!

Mason has started rice cereal and soy milk, which has made him a happy boy...and especially sleepy since he's now experiencing a full tummy for the first time. I got some great pics this week and thought I'd share.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Big Birthday Boy

Today our little man turned 2!! I can hardly believe how fast time flies. Although there are many things we love about Jaxson here are, in Hadley Family Tradition, the top 2 things we love about Jax!

1. He's the funniest little man, from his waddling run, to his funny little saying (telling Daddy when he plays with toys "dat's not yours" and saying "WHOA" whenever we give him his dinner). He keeps us laughing all day long.
2. His loving personalitly. He loves to give hugs and kisses, even if he's not the most gentle hugger (ask cousin Joey!).
We had tasty truck cake on Sunday with friends, then we went to the library and the park tonight and played past bedtime. We finished our evening with ICEE's and books. It was a fun fun birthday for our little man.

Jaxson with his new basketball hoop and his "big big truck!"
Birthday Boy and his Truck cake.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I love to see the Temple.

The House of the Lord, our beautiful new temple.

My Eternal Family minus one sweet little boy who stayed home to play with Grandma. We love you Mason!!

This bench is at the Chapel to the West of the temple. Its a darling little bench that says "I love to see the temple: Donated by and in behalf of the children in this area."

Our kiddo's on the bench at the chapel across the street.

The bench with the temple behind them.

We had the blessing of attending the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house this weekend as a family. We talked with our children about the blessings of the temple in Monday's family home evening. Then when we got there we were able to take our time and enjoy the feeling there. Of course it is beautiful because it is the house of the Lord, but the feeling that we felt there was incredible. We were able to stop with our family in the sealing room and look in the Eternal Mirrors. We talked to our children about how our family will go on for ever if we do what we should. Kena even asked if she could get married there. It was wonderful, spiritual and beautiful. I'm so greatful to have had the oppurtunity to spend time with my Eternal family in the place that makes it all possible!

What a Glorious Feeling I'm Happy Again!

My favorite shot of the night..."huh??"

You wanna know how giddy we were. We found a balloon in my purse and decided to leave it as part of our tip. hehe That's Mandy's thumbs up, and Kaela's goofy grin...Mom's out of the shot I'm sure rolling her eyes at her goofy girls!

Mandy, Me, and Kaela waiting for the play to start. I just realized I never got a pic of Mom, SORRY!!

This weekend we went to Utah and I went on a Girls Day Out with my Mother in law and sisters! It was a blast. We started our day by attending a showing of Singin' in the Rain at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. It was an awesome production and the cast was hilarious. It felt so real and because it was theater in the round we got right into the action. Poor Mandy had a producer yelling "ACTION" in her ear, and when the famous dance in the rain began we got wet! In fact, the front row were given poncho's and one sweet little girl got an umbrella full of rain dumped in her lap. Even clean up after the number was great. Dancing squeegies and mops...It was wonderfully entertaining.

Then we went to dinner. Good food and good company, what other kind of dinner do you need. We were giddy, goofy, and laughed through our whole meal. We finished the evening with shopping. It was awesome! I'm so greatful to have such wonderful in-laws. I never feel out of place or uncomfortable. They're my family and I love them! Thanks girls for an amazing time!