Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost there!

 So I woke up this morning thinking, "gee I wish my Mom's test was over!". She's been super busy and I'm going to have to pickup some of her slack. So here it goes. Miss Olivia saves the day again.
 Jaxson's been a super busy boy. He got to go on a bunch of field trips with mom to local ranches and farms, and then he graduated!! He was so proud of himself and I had a grand time spending the day with his teachers.
 I turned ONE!!! It was so awesome. Lots of bags full of goodies and look at the yummy cupcake my mommy made me! It was a super great day, and I got to share it with my awesome brother Mason.

 Mason turned 3 and he's getting to be so big! He loves his new Buzz Lightyear car and his alien cupcakes were a huge hit. Mommy says she can hardly believe how big he's gotten. I think he's pretty awesome. We play together all the time and I really like him!
 Are you having fun yet??? So are we! We spent lots of time with cousins. This is Kena and Jax having some yummy shortcake with cousin Joey. She's awfully fun to be with.

I just had to toss this one in...I'm so cute and mommy says I know it, whatever that means!!!
 Trace got to go on a field trip to the aquarium all alone with Mom and Dad and it was fun from what I hear. Look at all those cute girls trip got to hang with. What a ladies man!
 Mommy was super sad when she lost her diamond in her wedding ring, but the nice folks at Shane Co. replaced it for only $15. It made her cry and she was SO happy to have it back.
 We got to spend a fun weekend with Uncle Norman and Aunt Sveta. This is Kenadee at the airshow. To bad it was really windy and rainy and Mommy forgot to bring Mason and Daddy's jackets. so we didn't make it very long. It was still a good day though, and it ended in pizza so that's always a plus!
 Uncle Norman gave rides on his lawn mower when the sun finally came out. We love spending time at their house and can't wait for August when we get to meet everyone there again!
 We got a new basketball hoop, and mommy didn't take any pictures of the kids playing. She was to distracted by the darling tailgaters!
 And we've just in general been goofy.
 We love you all!
 And remember don't lose faith in Mommy...
 One of these days she will be done!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wish her luck...

...because she's going to need it! Who you may ask? This lady right here, our mommy! She's trying her darndest to finish up a Bachelors degree with 5 kiddo's underfoot, and let's just say that is why our blog has suffered. So today we decided to pick up some of her slack and update you on what's been happening at our house.
Kenadee turned 6!! And a "fancy" soiree was in order (that's fancy for party). So all of her friends came, dressed in their fanciest party ensembles (that's fancy for party dress!). They went shopping for favors in the Tres Chic Boutique, and had their nails done at the Ooh La La Spa. Fun was had by all and Kenadee deemed it the "best soiree ever!!"

We watched boxes. We decided that Mom and Dad could listen better if we had something to do. So we each got in a box, with plate full of goodies and a marker, and drew pictures and munched while the prophet spoke. Mom wanted to make it a priority to hear all 4 sessions this year, and we're pleased to tell you that she only napped through 1/2 an hour of the second session on Sunday!
The weather has been fantastic! We've done a lot of playing at the school playground. Mom likes it because there are other mom's around to talk to. We like it because we get to run and scream and yell to our hearts content! (that and sister Fowler always brings gummy bears!)
Olivia's been growing like a weed. We can hardly believe that she'll be 1 next week. She's started pulling herself up to furniture and moving around it quite skillfully. Our favorite thing to do is to walk her around the house. She'll be walking before we know it, and then watch out world!!
Mason is as cute as ever! He says he has nothing to add, Doc McStuffin's is on and since it's his favorite show, we try not to interrupt him!
We spent a lot of time playing with our friends the Gregory's too! Paige and Kenadee are the bestest of friends and love to play dress up. This is their favorite game, Rapunzel! Got to love those pretty pink locks!

We've also watched a LOT of movies. Mommy has to study a lot because this is her second to last term and from what she says, we gather that it's a really important on too. (something about a big test in Salt Lake in July and having to "know her stuff"). So to help her out, we make sure that we watch movies least mostly quiet!
We went to City Creek!! Mommy was excited by all the sparkly crystals in Swarovski, Daddy really liked all the fun outdoor space, Kenadee got to open the Disney store, Trace got to help a magician, Mason and Jax played in the fountain, and Liv was just happy to be outside. We got to spend almost the whole day with Grandma and Grandpa Hadley! It was a blast and we look forward to going back again sometime.
Did we mention that we watch lots of movies??
So that was it...our last few months in a nutshell. Now bug off so Mommy can get back to studying! But come back soon...she secretly loves an excuse to take breaks from it! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

First Haircut (As told my Olivia)

Mom thinks I'm looking a little fluffy. Apparently that means I get something called a hair cut. I wonder what that is??
This is Amy. She was super nice and squirted me with this fun thing called a water bottle. I love being wet. Maybe this "haircut" thing won't be so bad.
She kept putting these fun clippys in my hair. It was fun to have her twist and twirl my locks!
I got to see my mirror friend too. I've missed her!
Ok wait, Mom...what's this air she's blowing on me?
Tada! What do you think. I got a stacked a-line (whatever that means), and Mommy says she loves it. Amy says it will mean less tangles, so I guess I'm happy with that.

Trace's new bed.

With our remodel happening, and mom and dad getting a new room, the kiddos have done a lot of rotating. Trace ended up with his own room and to celebrate the occasion he got a new bed! He loves it, especially since it has a place for all of his books. Mommy loves that it has drawers underneath so he doesn't have to have a dresser! Score!

9 Months Old!

My big girl is 9 months old. She sitting and scooting and getting this independence thing down! We went to the doctor and she gained 3 pounds! She now weighs 16 lbs 8 oz, and for any one who knows our "little" girl you know that's a big feat! The doctor was very impressed. She's happy and healthy and we're so glad she's part of our family.
On a slightly down note, we have to take our sweetie to Primary's in April. She favored one side of her head as a baby, and as such got a bit of a flat spot. That's working itself out just fine, but her left eye is a little smaller then her right and we need to make sure that all is well with her. Our doctor is just erring on the side of caution, but any prayers you could send our way would be great!

Friday, January 20, 2012

December in Review

Our December started out uneventfully. We finished our Christmas shopping early, and were just enjoying our time together as a little family. And then the sick bug struck! It started with Jaxon. He was simply crabby for almost a week solid. You couldn't even look at his without him tearing out or laying into you, depending on the moment. He'd run a low grade fever, but I didn't think much of it, until he came out of his bedroom one morning with this on his neck! It scared me to death. I've never seen a lymph node that large. Turns out the doctor hadn't either, and we learned that he had strep and an infected node. Luckily with antibiotics, his growth was gone in about a week. Then we had Mason get sick on us. He was so lathargic and sad. I actually had flash backs to him being in the hospital when he was about 9 months old. Super scary. Lucky for us he just needed a few antibiotics to perk right back up. Did I mention that Trace had pink eye too! So much fun!

We spent Christmas this year in Salt Lake. Cory's mother watched our kiddo's while we went downtown for our anniversary. It was wonderful to have some us time. Then the following night we took our kiddo's downtown to see the lights. Mason and Jaxson LOVED the train. There's something magical about it when you're two and Mason couldn't get enough.
Mason liked the lights and he was such a trooper. He walked through all the crowds and people with no complaint. Doesn't he just look angelic in this picture.
And then it was Christmas! I got several shots of people opening presents. This is the older kids with their Innotabs from Santa. I've decided, however, that I'm the worst mommy ever. I didn't get a single picture of Liv, not even one! Her first Christmas and I really dropped the ball. Sigh, hopefully she'll forgive me someday. After a present smorgasbord, we went to Church with Grandma and Papa. It was a beautiful, musical meeting and it was a treat to see Grandpa sing. After chruch, we met Aunt Mandy and Uncle Josh back at the house to open family gifts and just enjoy the day. It was shortly there after that I was told that I should be ready by 9 the next day, because Cory's sisters were taking me to a location to be disclosed at a later date. hmmm After worrying most of the night that I might come home with a tattoo or nose ring, imagine my surprise and delight when we ended up on the set of Good Things Utah! So much fun. We sat through a taping, and then met the hosts. It was a blast. Followed by a yummy lunch at Johnny Carinos, and then home to a surprise party! One day I hope Cory will learn that I hate surprises, but I'll give it to him that he's great at pulling them off. I had Wyoming friends, and Utah friends, some I hadn't seen in years, all help me celebrate my big 3-0! It was wonderful.

Liv has a surprise!

"Hey there...yeah you. I have a big surprise. Are you listening?"
"Here it comes..."
"I sit!!!"

My sweet girl has figured it out! I wasn't sure she'd ever figure out this sitting thing. If it doesn't get her somewhere, she's really not interested in it. But about 2 weeks ago she decided to give it a go and now she's sitting! Way to go Livvy Lou!