Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big news at our house!

So I realized today that I haven't mentioned this here, but Cory and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby number 5. We had an ultra sound today and Doctor is 85% sure that she's a girl! I'm really excited for Kena to have a new sister, and it'll be a nice way to round out our family. Bless her heart she's modest though, when he first started looking she not only had her ankles crossed, but she had a hand in the way too! Cory and I both feel pretty strongly that she is a girl and we're beyond happy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Random happenings

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy here and our little handful has had lots of new adventures, so we thought we'd share!

My sweet Mason Moo has been growing up so quickly. He recently learned how to get on our bench at the table. Along with this he's decided that he's to big for his high chair (which is fine with me because it can no leave the corner of my kitchen!). I just think it's so darn cute how little he looks at our big table. But if he's happy, I'm happy!We finally made Trace's Birthday cake, and only a month late! Things were wild around here with sick people over the last 6 weeks, but we got our act together and made a rockin' dinosaur cake, complete with a nest and eggs. It was awesome, and look at that face...he loved it!
This is the story of before the icing went on. We'd sent Trace and Jax to the bedroom to find dino toys for us use on said Dino cake. While I had my back turned, Jax decided to do some decorating of his own...so helpful!

Carving pumpkins was a blast this year! We printed simple patterns but they came out so good!
Did I mention that Mason is growing up. He loves to help where ever he can, and on this night he'd been helping me make Kool-aid for dinner. He's an amazing little boy and I'm grateful he's part of our family.
And now for the only pictures I got of my kids in their costumes because I'm just that good. Jax was Superman and this is him trying to throw Candy corn's into a bucket at the libraries story time.
Kenadee was a "fairy kitty". In this picture she is minus her wings because they were bugging her, but she looked stinkin' cute, and I mean a fairy kitty, does it get any more creative then that!
Trace's class performed the itsy bitsy spider for their all school meeting this last month, and hence the spider hat, and he was Darth Vader for Halloween, hence the costume that you can't see very well...did I mention I was on top of things this year!

You may have noticed the lack of Mason in costume pictures. He's opposed to just about all of it, so this year we put a fireman's hat on him and he tolerated it pretty well...although it did blow off the entire time we were trick or treating, and did I mention that that was only about 15 minutes since it was freezing and raining. Sigh, but it was a good time and the kids enjoyed it. And on the bright side we got a lot LESS candy then in years past...HURRAY!!!