Monday, March 28, 2011


My boys have a thing for hats. Jax will go through phases where he won't go anywhere without one. I sure love these little guys. I walked around the corner last week and found this. I think it may make it onto a wall in my home. What cutie pies!

Dancing and Tents

Recently there has been a lot of fun at our house!
My favorite part about my children is how spontaneous they can be. For instance, the dancing that occurs at random. Notice that the TV is playing credits. This is the end of Megamind, which always results in a dance party!And this is a picture of what I came home to last Sunday. I'd left everyone home sick (I was sick too but had sharing time). Mind you, it wasn't super sick. Mostly it was sniffles and crabbiness, but while I was gone Daddy decided to have some fun with the kidlets. They built a giant tent in the living room, old school style! It was complete with kitchen chairs, blankets, and an Incredible's tent. It was an awesome little structure.
The crawled around, played and in general enjoyed themselves a ton!
I think it might even be safe to say that they forgot they were sick. They are such luck kids to have such a fun daddy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Look to your right...

Do you see that new button? You know, the one with the darling couple. That's my cousin Gail and her husband Diego. They are wonderful and have an adorable little boy who just turned 2! I love to follow their blog and get updates on their little family, because it was a bit of a struggle to get that family. They've got their little boy and would love to add to their "nest" if you will. Please help them spread the word. If you know anyone looking for an adoptive couple, these two are winners! Good luck you two! You'll be in my prayers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love my Mas-a-moo!

This is my baby (for 7 more weeks), my Mas-a-moo, my snuggle buddy, and my goofy little boy. In the last few weeks Mason has become quite the independent little tyke. I've been loving him so much the last few days that I thought I'd share some of my favorite things about him with you.
He keeps up with the big kids and is even starting to talk. Our new favorite Mason word is Daddy. Imagine every time Cory walks through the door hearing "Daddy!" only it's said quickly and with what sounds almost like a British accent. It melts my heart and cracks me up every time!
Mason is a hoot and a half. He's always putting himself into funny places like laundry baskets and Kenadee's baby play pen. I can always count on finding him somewhere goofy. And that face, who wouldn't love seeing that look 20 times a day. The kind of look that makes you think he knows something that he's just not sharing.
Mason is by far our giggliest kid too. He's always cracking himself up and making us all laugh too! This is he and Daddy doing the "Rar!" face. We went through phase of several weeks were anytime he walked into a room he'd "Rar" at anyone and everyone.
Such a hammy ham...have I mentioned that I love my little man!

And this video happened just this evening. Kenadee was showing us how she does cartwheels, and Mason decided that he'd do a few himself. So funny.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sew Cute!

It only took me an hour and a half, and I didn't even have to pick out a stitch like I would have with my old machine. I only missed the bear in one small spot and I was able to go back afterward and just stitch it shut. It was an easy fix and not even visible. Isn't is just adorable! Now if only little miss were here to play with it! Come on April!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Crafty!

This is my new toy! I love it! About 6 months ago my sewing machine kicked the bucket, followed shortly by the older machine that Cory's sweet Mom had given to me. Needless to say I've had withdrawals. But with Cory's bonus this weekend he got me a new one! It's a beautiful Singer (don't you just love the green!) and it runs like a dream!
Did I mention that it has 90 stitches! Not to mention automatic button holes, a drop in bobbin, and a self threading needle! So fabulous!.
So what will I do with my new dream machine? This little guy is my first project! I'll be making a snuggle blanket for the new little miss. The fabric is minky, which I love because who wouldn't want to cuddle with something that soft, and when it's done it'll look like this:
I apologize for the icky graphic, but it's a super simple blanket with a head and feet. Perfect for little hands. Stay tuned! Finished product pictures will be coming shortly!