Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love my Mas-a-moo!

This is my baby (for 7 more weeks), my Mas-a-moo, my snuggle buddy, and my goofy little boy. In the last few weeks Mason has become quite the independent little tyke. I've been loving him so much the last few days that I thought I'd share some of my favorite things about him with you.
He keeps up with the big kids and is even starting to talk. Our new favorite Mason word is Daddy. Imagine every time Cory walks through the door hearing "Daddy!" only it's said quickly and with what sounds almost like a British accent. It melts my heart and cracks me up every time!
Mason is a hoot and a half. He's always putting himself into funny places like laundry baskets and Kenadee's baby play pen. I can always count on finding him somewhere goofy. And that face, who wouldn't love seeing that look 20 times a day. The kind of look that makes you think he knows something that he's just not sharing.
Mason is by far our giggliest kid too. He's always cracking himself up and making us all laugh too! This is he and Daddy doing the "Rar!" face. We went through phase of several weeks were anytime he walked into a room he'd "Rar" at anyone and everyone.
Such a hammy ham...have I mentioned that I love my little man!

And this video happened just this evening. Kenadee was showing us how she does cartwheels, and Mason decided that he'd do a few himself. So funny.


bunchocoffeys said...

What a doll!

Marianne said...

SO much joy! You must feel so happy...full to overflowing! (literally!)Take care sweetheart!

J and J Black said...

where is Jaxon??

Gail said...

Cute video Annie.

balloongal said...

You are so blessed. I'm glad you know it.