Monday, September 21, 2009

Trace is 5!

Trace running the hero race!

Kena knocking over "bad guys" to save the princess in our hero race.

Trace and his super hero cake.

Super Hero Capes, made from t-shirts, were a big hit at the party!

Today my little boy turns 5. Where has the time gone...

We had his first "friends" party this year and he wanted a super hero theme. The kids decorated super hero capes, then ran a super hero race. Then we had hot dogs and cake. Trace said "It was so much fun, it was AWESOME!!"
It seems like not to long ago the nurses put that pudgy baby boy, with his wild hair and beautiful eyes, in my arms and I was instantly in love. Trace is a great kid so without further ado, here are the 5 things we love about Trace.

1. Trace has an amazing spirit. He gets along with everyone around him and is in tune with the feelings of others. He's the first to notice when someone is sad, and the first to try to cheer them up. He genuinly loves everyone around him.

2. Trace has a great imagination. He's always coming up with silly games to play and funny things to say. I love his sense of humor.

3.Kenadee loves Trace because "he is so so special to us!" It's true. I can't imagine our family without him.

4. Jaxson loves how patient Trace is with him. They play together and have a good time almost all the time.

5. And finally, we love that Trace loves us. He wants to help around the house, and watch his brothers and sisters, and take care of all of us. He loves us and we love him. Happy Birthday Monkey!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No David

I asked the kids to help keep the baby happy while I finished they read him No David. Thomas this is for you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mason vs. the box!

Tonight for family home evening we made Rice Krispie Treats. It was a really fun lesson. Mom and Dad were the butter and marshmallow's and we were "sealed" together in the temple (or microwave) then all our of our kids were put in with us (the rice krispies) and we all stuck because we were sealed together as a family. Very fun and the kids all learned from it.

Well when we were done we were putting the finishing touches on the treats and Mason started knocking over the box of krispies. He was so darn cute and excited about it. Every time it fell he shook with happiness. What a doll!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school

Sweet Big Brother wouldn't take his first day picture without his brother and sister!

Trace started School on the 9th and he is in heaven being back in school. He loves his new teacher Mr. Drew and was so happy to be back with friends.

Cute boy

This is how we found Jax watching TV.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well Kids

We had well child checks for Jaxson and Mason this week and here are their stats.
Jaxson is in the 97% for his head size. the 50% for weight (32 lbs), and the 50% for height. He is doing well and the doctor is super impressed with his language skills. Apparently they are more typical of a 3 year old. He's happy and healthy and we love him!

Mason is in the 95% for head size, the 25% for his weight (14 lbs), and the 5% for height although I'm not sure that one is correct because he was awfully squirmy and he looks longer then that to me. He impressed the doctor with being able to sit up and roll over, and he babbled at her like it was going out of style. He too is happy and healthy.

I'll post pictures later of these little milestones. I can hardly believe how quickly my babies are growing up around me!