Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school

Sweet Big Brother wouldn't take his first day picture without his brother and sister!

Trace started School on the 9th and he is in heaven being back in school. He loves his new teacher Mr. Drew and was so happy to be back with friends.


Marianne said...

Is this Kindergarten?? Really? Unreal! What a sweet boy he is!
When are you all going to Disneyland?

Annie said...

No...he missed the cut off by 6 days. But the second year of preschool will hopefully help him iron out his speech.
We'll hopefully be going to Disneyland in February. Cold here, warm there!!

Sarah said...

Annie, your kids are so adorable! Seriously!! I miss you guys- will I get to see you at all when I am at home for Christmas?

Jalyn said...

Too cute for words!