Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well Kids

We had well child checks for Jaxson and Mason this week and here are their stats.
Jaxson is in the 97% for his head size. the 50% for weight (32 lbs), and the 50% for height. He is doing well and the doctor is super impressed with his language skills. Apparently they are more typical of a 3 year old. He's happy and healthy and we love him!

Mason is in the 95% for head size, the 25% for his weight (14 lbs), and the 5% for height although I'm not sure that one is correct because he was awfully squirmy and he looks longer then that to me. He impressed the doctor with being able to sit up and roll over, and he babbled at her like it was going out of style. He too is happy and healthy.

I'll post pictures later of these little milestones. I can hardly believe how quickly my babies are growing up around me!


bunchocoffeys said...

I'm glad to hear Jaxson's ahead on speech. I always worry about Joey after hearing him talk so well! Yay for happy, healthy kids! :)

JAY- JEWEL -DAD said...

If you think that they are growing up too fast! wait untill your babies are having babies

Marianne said...

Sounds like you have a bunch of small babies with big heads! Lots of brains, right?!

Jalyn said...

Ditto to Dad! But I like it!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Yep they do grow up fast