Friday, August 26, 2011

Another milestone, CEREAL!!

My little girl is getting so big! This morning we started solids and she actually did really well with rice cereal.
Kenadee helped me feed her. It was so cute to watch her cheer "go Livvy, swallow Livvy," the whole time. What a doll. She really loves her little sister.
And of course I had to get a good thumb shot! Every time we put a bite in her mouth she'd stick her thumb in too. She probably got more food down that way, and it was sure cute!

Remodel Update with pictures!

Our remodel is cruising right along, so I thought I'd post some pictures of our progress. This first one is of the texture that's on the walls. Our drywall guy has been cruisin' right along and we should be completey done with paint by the end of today. That means carpet and tile next week, and all the rest of the finishes by the first of September! Hurray!
This is our bathroom. The pipes are where the double sinks will be and in the far corner we'll have a linen closet.
This is the shower, across from the vanity. It's going to be huge and I'm so excited!
This is the view from the closet looking into the bathroom. Our closet is huge! It's 5' x 10' and considering our closet now is so small, I'm really looking forward to the space it's going to give us.
This is the bedroom. The lighted doorway goes into the hallway, the other is going into the closet
And this is looking from the corner back into the bedroom. We have 2 windows and a lot more space.
And finally, this is our laundry room. I love the pedestals for the washer and dryer and that they're leaving the openings underneath. It'll be awesome for storage. We also have high ceilings so I'll have lots of storage space above too!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jax is 4!

It's hard for me to believe that my sweet Jaxson boy went from this sweet, pudgy faced little boy... this big awesome Kid in just 4 short years. Jaxson has a special place in my heart. He's a bundle of love and cuddles with a generous sprinkling of mischief and fun. He makes our home a happy place and I love him for it. Our family is better because he is part of it. I love you so much my little monkey! Happy Birthday buddy.

(apparently I"m a little out of it and I've forgotten the 4 things we love about Jax...)

So without further ado...The 4 Things We Love About Jax!
1. Kenadee loves that Jaxson will play with her. They have a new game called "family" and it's hilarious to sit out side the door and listen to "Ok Jax, now you say 'Gee Kena you sure look nice!'," followed by "Ok Kena, now you say 'Jaxson I think you're awesome!'" It's so nice that they love each other.
2. Trace loves that Jaxson is his brother and that he rides bikes with him.
3. And his mommy and Daddy love that Jaxson is an eternal optimist. There is very little that gets that boy down. He's always got a smile on his face and it makes his mommy smile. There's nothing better then a Jaxson smile!
4. And finally, Jaxson gives the worlds greatest hugs. They are almost always a surprise, and they almost always nearly knock you over. He loves with all his might and you can feel it in his hugs.