Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jax is 4!

It's hard for me to believe that my sweet Jaxson boy went from this sweet, pudgy faced little boy...
...to this big awesome Kid in just 4 short years. Jaxson has a special place in my heart. He's a bundle of love and cuddles with a generous sprinkling of mischief and fun. He makes our home a happy place and I love him for it. Our family is better because he is part of it. I love you so much my little monkey! Happy Birthday buddy.

(apparently I"m a little out of it and I've forgotten the 4 things we love about Jax...)

So without further ado...The 4 Things We Love About Jax!
1. Kenadee loves that Jaxson will play with her. They have a new game called "family" and it's hilarious to sit out side the door and listen to "Ok Jax, now you say 'Gee Kena you sure look nice!'," followed by "Ok Kena, now you say 'Jaxson I think you're awesome!'" It's so nice that they love each other.
2. Trace loves that Jaxson is his brother and that he rides bikes with him.
3. And his mommy and Daddy love that Jaxson is an eternal optimist. There is very little that gets that boy down. He's always got a smile on his face and it makes his mommy smile. There's nothing better then a Jaxson smile!
4. And finally, Jaxson gives the worlds greatest hugs. They are almost always a surprise, and they almost always nearly knock you over. He loves with all his might and you can feel it in his hugs.


Piper said...

Where are the four things we like about Jax?

Marianne said...

I missed your "Four Things" too. What's wrong, are you too busy or something? (You know I love you!)

Jax is a great little boy...so much fun! I hope he has a fun, fun birthday!

How's the construction coming along?

Annie said...

Apparently between kids, school, callings, and life in general, I'm just a little out of it! The 4 things are up! And Marianne, the construction is moving at a snails pace, but at least it's moving right. I'm hoping it will be done the end of this month, but I probably shouldn't hold my breathe. I'll try to put up pictures as soon as I replace my lost memory card drive :( Yes it's been that kind of month!