Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Time, No Post!

Holy Cow it's been a while, but I do have several excuses. I don't know if they're good or not, but I'll share anyway!First and foremost is our remodel. For those who don't know, we tried, unsuccessfully, for over a year to sell our home. Our 1000 SQ FT and 1 bathroom just weren't working for a family of 7 anymore. But with no luck and all other options seeming to fail, we decided to remodel. We've taken our existing garage and will be adding a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room, plus we'll add a new garage out front. This view is looking into the laundry room. I'll be trying to add more pictures weekly so I can go back and watch the progress! It's going to be a huge blessing for our family to be able to breathe again in our home!
We celebrated the 4th of July and blessed Liv. It was so much fun. We had Cory's sister and her husband join us the night before the blessing and so of course we had to do fireworks and play. There are more pictures on Facebook for anyone interested. We spent Sunday with a home full of family and friends, not to mention tasty food. It was awesome. Then on the 4th we went to a dear friends home for a special FHE and BBQ. We've met some incredible people since moving to Wyoming and I feel especially blessed to have such dear friends when we are so far from our families. We truly are blessed to live where we do!

And finally there was the Black Family Reunion at Camp Jackson in Blanding. We had a blast! There was hiking and paddle boating, fishing and games, and over all there was a wonderful time had by everyone there. It was so nice to get to know the newest member of our clan, Jewel. She really is a sweet and wonderful lady and I've enjoyed the time we've been able to spend together. Thank you again for all the baby holding and fun conversations. I can honestly say that this was the best part of my June for sure. I miss my family so much sometimes, and when we get together I'm reminded why. I love you guys!


Marianne said...

I am so excited for your remodel to be finished! How wonderful you and Cory to have a bit more space and a lovely new bathroom of your own!

I love that your family all got together and got to know Jewel a bit better. I have yet to meet her. I hope that can be remedied soon.

balloongal said...

Wow. Exciting hearing the plans for remodeling. Yes, you need more room for your size family.

J and J Black said...

What, A Crew

tami said...

we had a blast as well i have miss you most of all annie.

J and J Black said...

Thanks, Annie - we miss you too!! How is that sweet baby and your other sweet kids? Maybe we can come see you. and your new house soon. Jewel