Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Video for you...

We had a good one and we hope you did too! May the New Year bring you as much joy as you have room for!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I guess it worked!

This year it was our hope to have a Christ centered Christmas and I do believe we've succeeded. We purchased a nativity set for our kids this year and hoped that they would play with it and be able to grasp the idea of the nativity story a little better. Everyday they play with it, and everynight I set it back up, staged to look like all the other nativities in our home; Mary and Joseph looking at the Christ child, with shepherds and wisemen set to their perspective sides. And every morning I come out of my room to our nativity set like this:
My sweet Jaxson sets up our set regularly like this and it makes me smile. Every single figure is looking at the true reason that we celebrate. I guess we accomplished what we set out to do.

As a side note, some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that we have 2 baby Jesus' in our nativity this year. Our first baby we believed was flushed within hours of his arrival at our home, and what's a nativity without a baby Jesus. So I quickly hoped on line and found a replacement Jesus from a different set. That baby came yesterday and today I located our other Jesus, under the board games in the closet (why didn't I think to look there!). So now we have a spare!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary life... gives us a fairytale! Six years ago today I was awake after a sleepless night and lots of girl talk. My sweet Mom was sitting in my dining room trying not to wake me (I'd have had to have been asleep for that!) and so I got up and visited with her. We talked about life, she gave me advice, and told me how grateful she was for Cory. She knew he would take care of me and that he was a good man. I was glad my parents could see that because it was so true!
Of course I couldn't eat, I was to excited to eat, but my sweet Dad thought I should eat something. So as I headed out the door to the hair place he passed me a string cheese and a boiled egg. Sweet Daddy! Thankfully my dear friend Kira had a slim fast in her car. It was probably easier on my tummy.
We got my hair done and met my parents at the temple. I remember that as we were walking out of the parking garage, I looked across the street and there he was! The man of my dreams, my happily ever after. He looked so good in his suit.
We walked into the temple that day together as two individuals and came out as one. The blessings of that day have carried on and I'm so grateful for a man who was able to take me to the temple and promise me forever. It was a glorious day, so cold that everyone else was in coats, but I was nothing but warm and happy. Even our videographer commented that he had never seen a more smiley couple. It's true! My cheeks hurt so much by the end of that day but it was worth it!
I love you R. You are my best friend and my favorite boy! Thank you for 6 amazing years and here's to forever!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Season of JOY

My Merry Monkeys!

Santa Baby

The True Reason for the Season. This Nativity is actually in the reflection pond at Temple Square.

The House of the Lord.

This is my favorite shot (minus the dude's head in the corner) I love the big orange tree and the way the temple just peeks through it.
This year Cory and I were extra dilligent about getting our shopping for Christmas out of the way before December, and we've succeeded with the exception of a few stockings stuffers. We wanted to make Christmas this year more Christ centered and I think we're succeeding. We started our season by attending the lights at Temple Square. It was beautiful and the spirit there was amazing. Our kids went 2 1/2 hours in the cold with no fights or complaints. If thats not a miracle then I dont know what is!
We've also been reading various scripture stories about the savior this month for our family scripture study. We've been reading about Samuel the lamanite and Mary and Joseph. It's been fun to teach the kids and feel the spirit that the scriptures bring to our home.
We purchased a small nativity for children, as well as a felt board nativity set and we're hoping that by having a Christ centered Christmas toy the kids will be able to more fully understand the Saviors birth. Then we took the kids Christmas shopping for eachother. It's so fun to watch them pick toys for someone other then themselves. They did such a good job.
I'm hoping that a few small things will help our little family to remember the birth of our Savior this season. It's all to often that He is removed from the festivities of this time of year and I don't want to fall into that trend. I'm so greatful for my Savior, for His birth, life, and sacrafice for me. What an honor it is to be loved so much by one so perfect, while I am so imperfect. I'm greatful for His sacrafice which makes it possible for me to be with my family forever, and to see my sweet Mother again. His gospel brings joy to my life and peace to my soul. I hope that we can all find a way to let him into our lives this year and remember that He is the reason we celebrate!