Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where did the time go?

Today I registered my little boy for Kindergarten and I can't help but wonder how this little boy

turned into my big helper boy who's old enough to start school!

Trace is so excited for the fall, and although I'm amazed at how the time has flown, so am I. He's going to be an amazing student and I'm ready for him to be able to start this next adventure in his life. So while I still miss the pudgy cheeked little monkey who taught me to be a mommy, I know that my Trace is growing up to be an amazing young man!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a love thing!

Momma's Bug (I know this is an older pic but I didn't have any on my camera that were recent)
My sweetheart bought me roses.

The king of the Hams! We can't get him to normal smile to save our lives.

My sweet sister! She's our little ray of Pink sunshine.

Hehe and my funny boy. Loves wearing his crown hat and a back pack as big as him!

I am totally, completely, and positively enamored with my family! I have an incredible man who, despite all my flaws, loves me completely. And I love him too. We're a perfect match, like PB&J or Laurel and Hardy (probably more the later!). We have an amazing marriage and 4 beautiful children. We have a book that we read quite often called Little Quack and the opening line is "Little Quack loved his momma quack, and momma loved him completely back". That sums us up. I love those little monkeys with all that is in me and they love me back. It's so a love thing around here. So on this most appropriate of days I'd like to tell them all how much I love them and hope you all enjoyed the pictures of this "love thing!"