Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm an indexer!

Today in church our bishopric chose to focus on family history and personal histories. The talks in Sacrament were about journaling (which I like to think I'm doing right here) and keeping a family history. Then in Relief Society we got a basic training into Indexing. For any of you who don't know what that is, I believe it is what the use to call extraction. Its a very easy process to get started in and you don't have to be called, or even a member of the church to do it. You just log onto and click on Volunteer. Basically what I do is pull out names and information from old census reports. Its pretty easy, and it can help so many people find out who their families are. It makes me feel like I"m contributing to genealogy (something I didn't think I could do with 3 small children). I'd encourage any and all of you who felt like you could contribute even 30 minutes a day to do it (They give you 8 days to do 50 names, it's sooooo doable). It is so rewarding.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

ITS GONE!!!!!!

For those of you who have not seen the bathroom in our home, it was covered in a hideous, faux tile wallpaper. And not only was it hideous, but it was nearly impossible to remove. But I am pleased to announce that as of 5 this evening, our bathroom is wallpaper free! I can finally sleep without visions of spackle, and scrappers dancing in my head.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This was the view out our backyard tonight. I was working on the blog when Trace came in and told me to "Come see the hug!"
Of course I was intrigued. I thought perhaps Kena was hugging her bear or something, but he showed the sunset. I told him it was a sunset and he said "No Mommy, its a Jesus hug!"
Talk about melting a mommies heart! It's times like this that make me remember why we are told to be "as little children!" What a simple faith.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A good weekend!

Well Friday was Traces Birthday and we made the trek to Salt Lake to spend it with family. That night we did cake and presents (PS thank you for all your kind comments on the cake. I'm really not that amazing. I just found an idea online and ran with it!) Trace enjoyed all of the attention, and especially all his dinosaurs. It was a good night and a very happy birthday.

Then we got up on Saturday and went to buy a laptop for Cory to use for his school work. We had done lots of research and found the model that he wanted. Well it turns out that no one has that model anymore because its not being made. So we found a comparable model, bought it (for anyone who's not bought a laptop, with all the accessories its quite the chunk of change), took it home, and turned it on. Imagine Cory's surprise when there is not picture. That's right, we got a broken laptop. And it seems the the store we got it from, and all the other stores in the valley are completely out of this particular laptop. So it looks like it will be about a month while we wait for it to be repaired by HP. What a frustration.

But our day got better when we took Trace to the aquarium for his birthday. It was so much fun. He loved the Jellyfish and the sharks, but the best part for me was when he got kissed by a sting ray. They have a touch pool and Trace was leaning over to pet a sting ray, when it came out of the water and touched his nose. It scared him to death, but it was really sweet. I had no idea sting rays did that. If only I'd had a camera with me. But it was still really neat. All in all a very good weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Dilemma

Today Trace is 3 years old and we had a bit of a dilemma. It went something like this:

Me: Hey buddy what kind of cake do you want?

Trace: A T-rex Cake!

Me: Ok (all the while thinking to myself, "How the heck do you make a T-rex cake?)

So I did some research and found a cute t-rex cake pan from Wilton. But ask me if I found that pan anywhere but on Ebay for $30! You guessed right, I sure didn't. So I did a little research and this is what I came up with.

It looks a little like a dragon and has no legs but he loves it and it sure tastes yummy. I think I'll name him Puff!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My how time flies

Today I was thinking about how quickly life seems to be going for us. Trace will be 3 on Friday and that's mostly whats got me thinking. It seems like just yesterday that he was our little baby boy, and now he's our big boy. It's amazing. And that means that Kena will be 2 in April, again pretty crazy. And then threes sweet little Jaxson, holding up his own head and smiling. I can hardly believe he's almost 2 months old. Then I think about being 26 myself and I start to feel old. You all may be laughing right now but I'll be 30 in 4 years. And to think that I use to think that 30 was old. My goodness how time flies!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Looks like we'll be staying put!

Cory and I have recently been trying to move forward with the purchase of a new home. We decided to stay put this weekend though and just make do with what we have. That means I get to move forward with wall paper removal (for anyone out there considering wall paper, make sure you want it forever, because its a bugger to take down). But I am excited to paint our bathroom with the new color we've chosen. Oh and here is a pic of all the kids together. I was finally able to get them all to sit down and still and face forward.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sometimes I feel blue...

And yesterday was one of those days. I think it was a combination of things for me. We spent the weekend in Salt Lake and watching sweet Mandy and her mommy made me sad. For those who don't know Mandy is expecting in January and they talked about baby things and Mom is making her a baby blanket and it just got me to thinking. I guess it was a bit of a selfish thought, but I want my Mommy back. I hate knowing that my children won't get to know her or be spoiled by her, and that if I have questions I can't just pick up the phone and talk to her. And I know she was in a broken body and that she is so much better off were she is, but I sure do miss her sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I'm unbelievably grateful for what I do have. I have a wonderful family and beautiful children, but a girl needs her Mom sometimes and I don't like not having that.
But as the day wore on I thought more about it and it makes me truly grateful for the Atonement. How could anyone every doubt that Heavenly Father loves us and wants whats best for us. He's made it possible for me to be with my Mom again, and not only that, but she will be my Mom. Not just my sister in the Gospel. It's so good to know that when we are together again she'll still have that relationship with me. What an awesome blessing! Without that knowledge I'm sure my blue days would come much more often. And another sign of his love, look at all he's given me to get through my blue days. I have my wonderful family here, but I also have a Dad who has been incredible and always makes me feel better. In fact, when I'm sad he's the first one I'm prone to call. Thank you Dad. You've been a great support to be and I really appreciate your faith and love. And then there's the temple. We went this weekend and somehow it makes me feel that much closer to her. And then there my sweet children who always give me hugs when I'm down. Sweet Trace will say "it's okay Mommy, I still love you!" What a kid.
So I guess in short what I want to say is that even though we are all prone to sad days, NEVER forget how much Father really does love us. He's given us all this and more, and all we have to do is ask and he'll take that pain away. I love you all and can't wait until we can be together again! Until then, cherish the little things and be grateful for all you have.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Warm summer rain makes me smile!

This last week we've had a ton of warm afternoon rain and it has been wonderful. It's one of those small pleasures in life, playing in puddles in a warm rain. I took some darling pictures of the kids and I thought I'd share.
Everything on our end has been going well. Cory and I have been looking at a new home (I know we've only lived here for a year but our current home is squeezing us out). We've found a wonderful home that had 2 bathrooms (HALLELUJAH). We started the process this last week and have already received our
pre-approval. Here's hoping that if all goes well, we'll be moving before Christmas. It will put our family it a great new house with some wiggle room.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jaxsons Blessing Day

What a beautiful day for a blessing. It was slightly overcast, and the perfect temperature for a home full of guests. And when I say full I mean it. I was amazed at the number of people who would come so far to spend this day with us.
Jaxson was the perfect baby. He was crying just before sacrament started and I thought to myself, "Well, I guess we finally got our crier." But after a quick meal and a few loves from his Dad, he settled right in and was awake for his entire blessing, with no tears. Of course, his blessing was wonderful and great and everything it was suppose to be.
Then we partied here at home. Good food and good friends. It was truly a wonderful day.P.S. For all who asked, here is the recipe for the Broccoli Salad and the Cake.

1 head of Broccoli
1 head of Cauliflower
1/2 Pkg of Bacon (crispy)
1 small red Onion, chopped
Cheddar Cheese

1 c. Miracle Whip
1/4 c. sugar
2 T. Vinegar

Cut up all ingredients to desired size and mix together in bowl. Then mix dressing and pour over the top. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Melted Ice Cream Cake

1 white cake mix
2 c. melted ice cream (your choice of flavor)
3 eggs

Mix together and bake at 350 for 38-40 minutes


2 c. confectioners sugar
1/2 c. bakers cocoa
1/2 stick of butter
6 large marshmellows
1/3 c. + 1 T. milk
1 tsp vanilla

Mix sugar and cocoa together and set aside. Heat butter, marshmellows, milk, and vanilla in a sauce pan until marchmellows are melted. Immediatley mix with dry ingredients and pour over cake to frost.