Monday, September 24, 2007

A good weekend!

Well Friday was Traces Birthday and we made the trek to Salt Lake to spend it with family. That night we did cake and presents (PS thank you for all your kind comments on the cake. I'm really not that amazing. I just found an idea online and ran with it!) Trace enjoyed all of the attention, and especially all his dinosaurs. It was a good night and a very happy birthday.

Then we got up on Saturday and went to buy a laptop for Cory to use for his school work. We had done lots of research and found the model that he wanted. Well it turns out that no one has that model anymore because its not being made. So we found a comparable model, bought it (for anyone who's not bought a laptop, with all the accessories its quite the chunk of change), took it home, and turned it on. Imagine Cory's surprise when there is not picture. That's right, we got a broken laptop. And it seems the the store we got it from, and all the other stores in the valley are completely out of this particular laptop. So it looks like it will be about a month while we wait for it to be repaired by HP. What a frustration.

But our day got better when we took Trace to the aquarium for his birthday. It was so much fun. He loved the Jellyfish and the sharks, but the best part for me was when he got kissed by a sting ray. They have a touch pool and Trace was leaning over to pet a sting ray, when it came out of the water and touched his nose. It scared him to death, but it was really sweet. I had no idea sting rays did that. If only I'd had a camera with me. But it was still really neat. All in all a very good weekend.

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Zackira's said...

I just want to know why there was no mention of spending time with your favorite friend? We had so much fun! Thank you for letting us come. I guess I will see you in a week or so, let me know what day will be best. I should probably come up before I go to Iowa. XOXO Kira