Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost there!

 So I woke up this morning thinking, "gee I wish my Mom's test was over!". She's been super busy and I'm going to have to pickup some of her slack. So here it goes. Miss Olivia saves the day again.
 Jaxson's been a super busy boy. He got to go on a bunch of field trips with mom to local ranches and farms, and then he graduated!! He was so proud of himself and I had a grand time spending the day with his teachers.
 I turned ONE!!! It was so awesome. Lots of bags full of goodies and look at the yummy cupcake my mommy made me! It was a super great day, and I got to share it with my awesome brother Mason.

 Mason turned 3 and he's getting to be so big! He loves his new Buzz Lightyear car and his alien cupcakes were a huge hit. Mommy says she can hardly believe how big he's gotten. I think he's pretty awesome. We play together all the time and I really like him!
 Are you having fun yet??? So are we! We spent lots of time with cousins. This is Kena and Jax having some yummy shortcake with cousin Joey. She's awfully fun to be with.

I just had to toss this one in...I'm so cute and mommy says I know it, whatever that means!!!
 Trace got to go on a field trip to the aquarium all alone with Mom and Dad and it was fun from what I hear. Look at all those cute girls trip got to hang with. What a ladies man!
 Mommy was super sad when she lost her diamond in her wedding ring, but the nice folks at Shane Co. replaced it for only $15. It made her cry and she was SO happy to have it back.
 We got to spend a fun weekend with Uncle Norman and Aunt Sveta. This is Kenadee at the airshow. To bad it was really windy and rainy and Mommy forgot to bring Mason and Daddy's jackets. so we didn't make it very long. It was still a good day though, and it ended in pizza so that's always a plus!
 Uncle Norman gave rides on his lawn mower when the sun finally came out. We love spending time at their house and can't wait for August when we get to meet everyone there again!
 We got a new basketball hoop, and mommy didn't take any pictures of the kids playing. She was to distracted by the darling tailgaters!
 And we've just in general been goofy.
 We love you all!
 And remember don't lose faith in Mommy...
 One of these days she will be done!