Monday, June 13, 2011

What we've been up to!

Holy cow it's been a while. We've been a busy bunch here in Wyoming (and Colorado, and Utah)! I thought I'd take a moment and share with you the many adventures we've had the last couple of months! That first shot is baby Easten's blessing. It was so fun to see Aunt Kira and get to meet the newest member of their clan. Although he made Livvy look like a light weight! What a cute pair they make!

Our month of May started out with two mishaps. I sent Kenadee to the bathroom to put her comb away after her bath and it was taking her a long time to get back for prayer. When she finally emerged this is what we found! She found my hair scissors and gave herself a trim. Thankfully it was still a little wet and she only cut the hairs underneath. With a little coaxing I was able to cover most of it without giving her a severe set of bangs!
And then there's Mason. You'd think I'd learn. He's gotten into more stuff then all his brothers and sisters combined! This is purple lip stick that Kenadee had from her birthday. At least he smelled like blueberries for a week right?!
For Memorial Day we decided to make an impromptu drive to Denver to vist Grandma and Aunt Gena. We live only 5 1/2 hours away and I've really missed family lately. As you can see our kids made themselves right at home. This is what we found when we got back from a quick trip to Walmart. Jaxson, his pillow AND blanket, all curled up on my sweet almost 90 year old Grandmothers lap. And the best part...she was in heaven and wouldn't have had it any other way!
Then we turned around and found Kenadee, her blanket and pillow, all curled up on Uncle Steve! What little monkeys!
Meet Charlie. He's a sweet puppy with limited child experience, but we broke him in good. Aunt Gena taught the kids a few tricks he could do and they had a great morning making him perform. Jaxson and Charlie got especially close and he was so bummed to go home. He asked me at least a dozen times the following week if we could go back and see Charlie and Grandma.
Trace getting Charlie to shake. He was by far the most unaffraid!
Kenadee trying to get him to roll over. She was hilarious. She'd ask him to shake, and then when he'd move in to do the trick she'd panic and throw the food at him!
Mason just liked watching him chase the food that he threw!
Aunt Gena made us pancakes and they were awesome. I love this shot. Trace asked for a bat, so Gena made him the pancake in the lower left corner. He wanted the cave dwelling sort, she made him a Louisville Slugger!
Mason thought they were lip smackingly good!
Squid and eggs and bacon (my personal favorite!)
A whale for Jaxson, complete with water from the blow hole.
Kenadee wanted a foot (don't ask me why!). I especially love it's manicured toe nails.
And this is my favorite picture from the trip. How sweet it was to see my wonderful Grandmother and my sweet little Liv. It was a wonderful trip and I already miss her. I thnk we'll definitely be making the trip again soon! And just as a side note, I also had a wonderful evening spent with the Looses, although minus my camera. I've missed them all so much and the company was divine. Not to mention the homemade apple pie and Mormon Bridge! I love you all so much!
Now after all this road tripping and playing you'd think we'd stay home, but no! We hit the zoo! They're doing Zoorasic Park right now at the Hogle zoo and we had a blast. All the animatronic dino's were awesome.
This one was my favorite. I can't remember the name, but he spit water out at people as they walked by (if you've seen Jurrasic Park you'll know the one I'm talking about). Kenadee and Mason are absent in this shot because they were scared to death of it! So funny.
And who wouldn't love the shot of the baby elephant Zuri. She kept wrapping her trunk around her mommy's trunk and it was so darn precious. We got to watch the elephant show and see her stand on her head too. Very awesome!
My washing machine died (boo!), but my amazing husband get me a new one, and a dryer to boot (YAY!). You'll notice the washer is on (typical at our house). I can now do 5 loads of laundry in the time it used to take me to do 2! Amazing!!
We planted a tree! A Maple to be exact. Cory and I love it because one day it will be a wonderful shade tree. The kids are excited because they think we're going to make maple syrup! What hams!
It finally warmed up. I love this shot of Trace. It was early and we were trying to get our garage cleaned out so they can start on our addition. Trace thought that 65 was chilly and came out dressed like an eskimo. Crazy kid!
And we'll end with some shots of the other crazies! Look at that hair!
My sweet smiley Jax. Love that boy.
Mason, sharing his birthday smurf with Liv.
And the princess herself. Little Liv and that beautiful smiles she's recently discovered!