Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas...

Our Christmas Eve started with the kids opening one present. It's tradition that we get PJ's to sleep in the night before.

They tore into them...well most of them did. Mason was so mad at me every time I tried to help him rip is his paper. I suppose all these weeks of telling him not to touch the presents really did work.

Kena got pretty princess pj's.

We were lucky to even get Mason's on him. He kept hugging them and saying "oh, oh OH". It was darn cute!

New PJ's

Next we read Christmas books. Some were ours and some were ones that we'd checked out at the library (including an illustrated King James version of Luke 2 which I think we may be trying to find for ourselves for next year). Book reading also included eggnog, because let's face it, what's Christmas without eggnog.

After the kids were all tucked away "Santa" got to work. He brought pillow pets and books for all, including a new How Do, Skippy Jon Jones, and Pink and Purplicious. Does he know our kids or does he know our kids?!

We have no chimney, so the stockings were laid by the tv with care!

Christmas morning was great! Everyone took turns opening presents and I thought I'd show you a few. This was Jax's gift from Kenadee.

A Kung Zhu hamster! Jax also go a new set of puzzles, a Lightening McQueen car, and Toy Story 3.

Trace was really excited for his present from Mason...

A You Build Connect 4 game. You get to assemble your own board out of Lego. Trace also got a new puzzle with 50 pieces, a Nerf gun, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Kenadee picked a present from Mom and Dad to unwrap...

A new princess puzzle! Not to mention her new "lip sticks" (lip gloss to the rest of us), Beauty and the Beast, and a new kitty that moves when you pet its tummy.

Mason's present from Jaxson...

A telephone. I don't know how we made it through so many kids without one of these. Mason also got a ball tower that he can hammer the balls down into, and several new balls (which are his favorite things ever)

And that was our Christmas in a nutshell. It was wonderful and great and everything that we'd hoped it would be. I'm so grateful to my Savior for the blessings that I have in my life. Without his birth and sacrifice I wouldn't have the things that mean the most to me today. We love you all so much! Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Snowball fight!!!!

All ready for the snow!

Kena put herself against the fence and then taunted Cory with a bunch of "you can't hit me's" and "You missed". It was hilarious to watch her squeal every time he almost got her.

The good parent, ie: the one willing to brave the cold and wet to play with our kiddos.

The snow that came in the window while I took pictures. Notice the big blob at the bottom. That's the snow on my baby belly that I just couldn't get out of the way enough for the picture.

Poor Jax kept falling down and couldn't get himself back up.

Trying to roll snowballs for snowmen, but it just wasn't happening.

Today my little crew decided to make a snowman in the "virgin snow" as Cory calls it. To bad that the top layer had sort of hardened and after several minutes of rolling, most of their snowballs had shrunk instead of grown. So what else is there to do in the snow? Snowball fight of course. It was fun to watch them run around with their Daddy and play. What a good time!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

In case I hadn't mentioned it lately I want you all to know how much I love you. This time of year we naturally reflect on family and friends that we can't be near, but I've been doing it so much more so this year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, full of your families and the love of our Savior. Here's a little update on us (I promise the next one will have pictures!)

We are doing wonderfully here in Wyoming. Cory has made huge leaps at work and we're hoping that in just a couple of months he will be the new Accounting Supervisor at work. That would put him only one step below the Chief Financial Officer, which is the highest accounting position you can hold in the private sector. I'm so proud of him. He works so hard for our family and I couldn't have asked for a better eternal companion.

Trace started Kindergarten this year and has learned to read. He's trying bigger books all the time and can't wait until he can read Skippy John Jones all by himself. He's so ready for Christmas to be here. He'd like a pillow pet and I think he'll be pleasantly surprised by Santa this year. He's a peacemaker in our home and I'm can't imagine our family without his gentle spirit.

Kenadee is in Preschool and loves it. She's always making me bracelets out of beads and pictures for her wall, and she loves that she's figuring out what letters do and say. She's very observant and has been watching Trace as he learns to read. As a result she's starting to pick up a few words herself. What a smart girl.

Jaxson is in Kenadee's preschool class as well getting help with his speech. He's made great progress and we can understand almost all of what he says here at home. He's mommy's little spitfire and he loves to play with his brothers and sisters. He keeps us on our toes and says some of the silliest things. We sure love having him in our home!

Mason has become very active and wants nothing more then to be with his brothers and sister causing all sorts of trouble. He refuses to sit in his high chair and wants to be a big kid at the table. He's starting to talk and his two favorite words are "Santa" and "Daddy". Did I mention that he's a cuddler (my first actually) and nothing melts my heart more then to have him wander over and just lay his head on my shoulder. It just makes me smile.

I'm doing well too. I've got 3 terms left and I'll have my bachelors degree. I look forward to being able to spend my evening vegetating on the couch and not doing homework, but I also know how important it will be to our family for me to have a degree should anything ever happen to Cory. It's been a good experience and it will be easier for me to be able to encourage our children to get degree's of their own if I've got one. I'm also anxiously waiting for our second little girl! Kenadee is so excited for a sister and I must admit that the thought of cute, tiny, pink things just makes me smile.

May the spirit of the season warm your homes and families and may our Saviors love be present for the continuing year! We love you all so much and can't wait until we get to be with you again!


The Hadley Handful

Monday, December 6, 2010

December fun!

Align CenterMommy's Christmas elf!
What an angel!!
Trace got to do his very first Christmas concert this year and boy was he excited. This a picture of him just before we left. He was giving me his "best performers" stance!+

Trace on stage with all his friends. He was trying very hard to be professional. He did an awesome job and if you want to see a video of him singing, you can visit my Facebook page.
We wrapped presents this week and this is Mason's new favorite part of Christmas....wrapping paper balls! He was in Heaven when Cory made them for him. He loves a good ball.

Mason also loves a good present, especially if it comes with curly ribbon on top!