Friday, December 24, 2010

Snowball fight!!!!

All ready for the snow!

Kena put herself against the fence and then taunted Cory with a bunch of "you can't hit me's" and "You missed". It was hilarious to watch her squeal every time he almost got her.

The good parent, ie: the one willing to brave the cold and wet to play with our kiddos.

The snow that came in the window while I took pictures. Notice the big blob at the bottom. That's the snow on my baby belly that I just couldn't get out of the way enough for the picture.

Poor Jax kept falling down and couldn't get himself back up.

Trying to roll snowballs for snowmen, but it just wasn't happening.

Today my little crew decided to make a snowman in the "virgin snow" as Cory calls it. To bad that the top layer had sort of hardened and after several minutes of rolling, most of their snowballs had shrunk instead of grown. So what else is there to do in the snow? Snowball fight of course. It was fun to watch them run around with their Daddy and play. What a good time!


Norman and Sveta ( Норман и Света ) said...

How fun! You have a lot of snow there! Ours melted completely!

J and J Black said...

Our snow never came!! ;( Merry Christmas to All. ;)