Monday, July 29, 2013

When I grow up, I want to be... American Ninja Warrior! Have you watched that show? It's full of men and women, who work their bodies to the limit and do AMAZING things! They dangle by their finger tips over water traps. They climb the undersides of stairs and leap across domino walls. All of this is done in the hopes of being the first American to defeat Mount Madoriamo, the last and most intense obstacle course. And my Jax wants to be one of them!

We know a family here, whose cousin is Brent Steffenson, the best of the best in Ninja Warrior land. He is Jaxson's new hero and how I wish we lived in a big place where we could get him parkour  classes. As it is he climbs walls in our home and makes his own "obstacles".

The final event in the qualifying round is called the warped wall. It's a 14 ft wall that circles back on itself, making it really difficult to run up. Jax found some old, unused floor joists, and the Hadley warped wall was born!


Every year in July, Cory's company hosts a golf tournament to benefit the Lineman's Burn Fund. It's a great cause and it's always good to support charity, not to mention that its a fun date night. Evanston has a beautiful golf course that has plenty of challenges. And we improved this year, only going 11 over par! :P

It is finished...

Waiting in line to go into Energy Solutions Arena
 My biggest regret of the day was not getting a shot with my cute family. :( They were a big part of getting me to this day, but that aside, it was wonderful. Lots of love from friends and family and I got to meet my mentor, who just happened to be sitting two rows back and across the aisle from me (what are the odds!!). What a good day.
My mentor Dana. She was a big part of my success.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh say can you see...

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing like the swelling of your heart, with pride in your country, that occurs when the fireworks light and the patriotic hymns play. *sigh* I'm proud to live in this great nation.

This year was a bit different for us. We got a late start and didn't make it to the parade, although we did have patriotic pancakes, so I think we get an A for effort.

We had a lazy day at home which was nice, then spent the evening playing at the park with the kids and watched the fireworks. All in all a good day.

 We had stars and stripes, although I did forget to account for the mirror effect, hence the military patch flags!

 And this is what happens when you get a big glob of blue dye that didn't get mixed in in the middle of your pancake! Daddy says it looks like she's been licking smurfs!

 Ms. Kena got a patriotic up do. She was so cute and wouldn't lay on her head all day for fear of messing it up. This picture is actually about 4 hours after it was done, so it held up pretty well I'd say!
 We BBQ'd with dad and it was awesome. Pork chops and grilled corn. Yum! This is Liv and I watching daddy, and despite the look on her face, she really was enjoying herself!

 Getting ready to watch the fireworks. Trace was so excited this year.
 All the crazies!

 This is my favorite shot of the whole evening. Some people next to us brought firworks to do while we waited, and I caught Kena mid "Oh my gosh!!"
 Mommy's little fruit snack junky. We took a few munchies and unfortunately Olivia has learned to come to Mom and Dad alternately. She love fruit snacks and we didn't realize until we got home that she had downed half a box all by herself!
 Watching the fireworks!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Recap and a Promise

It's be a long time coming (has it really been a year!) but I've finished school, YAY!! I've shied from blogging while I finished up my work, and really I have no excuse since January, but I'm ready to jump back on the band wagon and blog again. Hopefully it will help me remember to document the fun adventures of our family, and also to use a real camera occasionally (curse you iPhone and your convenience!), And so, in no particular order, I present the last year of our life and a promise to stay current!0

These beautiful flowers of my favorite variety arrived at my classroom on my first day of work! Score one for Cory! That's right, I'm working now. I'd like to introduce you to Ms. Annie, the newest preschool teacher at the Childrens Learning Foundation. When I went to school and had to change my major to HR, I thought I'd have to give up my hope of being a teacher and just settle for second best. Not so, my friends, not so! I've really enjoyed the challenge of it all, and I enjoy even more that my kiddo's get to be with me, I only have to work half a day, and I'm off on all the days that my school kids are off. It really is the best of both worlds and I couldn't be happier!
 We visited the Dinosaur museum in Ogden. It was a great deal when I bought the tickets, not realizing they had to be used before the end of March! Hence the snow and red cheeks. It really was a beautiful day and the kids loved it! We had lunch afterwards at the Rainbow restaurant which is where the Mormon Muffin originated. Who knew!?

We decided this year that we would make an edible Christmas tree. We strung Popcorn and made dehydrated oranges and it turned out beautifully! Not to mention that the kids loved it (who wouldn't love eating cookies off the tree!). They're already planning out our tree for next year.

 We played in the leaves! We have a LOT of trees in our yard. Last year we cleaned up and filled 10 large, black yard bags with leaves...TEN! It was a ridiculous amount of leaves but the kids loved it! Jumping and throwing them was the best and it was a nice break from the "fun" of raking
 My kids have turned into quite the little chefs. They love to help in the kitchen and my dinner prep is often interrupted by little people asking to sit on the counter and help. I love it! Cory and I often joke that we are becoming foodies, and it warms my heart to hear our children say things like "what a delightful flavor!"

 We had 4 first days of school this year! Two preschools and a first and second grader. Where is the time going!?
 We also had a first for Kenadee. She lost a tooth! My favorite part of her first loose tooth was that the night before it fell out it was REALLY loose. So loose in fact, that she ate her dinner without using the front of her mouth at at all for fear it would actually fall out. See, if she could just get it to hold on until she got to school, she'd get a "wiggle pad", aka gauze, and a tooth necklace to put it in. And really, who would want to miss out on that!

  Halloween was so much fun! The kids picked there own costumes and I took full advantage of the fact that Olivia would have no say in being "Olivia". We got to go to school and watch the costume parade that Kenadee and Trace were in, and we had a blast trick or treating. It was awesome!

 Kena took dance the year and really loved Ms. Kim and the fun dances she got to do. This was taken right before her Winter recital. She did such a good job and picked dance over soccer for this fall, which is big for her, because she loves soccer!

 Jaxson when through a phase with building blocks. He loved them and was entertained for hours on end building towers. He told us that he wants to grow up to build play grounds. Sounds like a plan to me little man!

 I got to embark on my newest adventure as a mommy...scouting! HELP! Don't ask how we're doing because it's not been easy and there is definitely a learning curve, but Trace is loving it. He has a marble collection not and a bed for his stuffed dog that he had himself because of scouts. He loves Sister Harris, his bubbly and enthusiastic scout leader, and he got to make a cake for blue and gold. It was really hard to see him have to buy it back at the cake auction because no one, I mean NO ONE bid on it. For anyone one who knows my tender hearted Trace, you know that I was worried it would bother him, but he took it like a champ (it helped that we handed him a fork and let him eat it right there at the table), and I learned that candy and toy covered cakes are the ones that go for 30 scout bucks. Log that one away Mommy!

Trace also got to do his first Pinewood Derby. He and dad worked really hard to make his car look just like his favorite Hotwheel and it turned out very well. He didn't take first, but he did come in second in several of his heats, and we didn't have to stick around for regionals, which I hear went well into the evening. Score! We're getting there and I feel like I'm figuring it out as I go so hopefully I'll be a better scout mommy when Jax and Mason get there!

 I just love this picture. It illustrates how independent our Mason is becoming. Even if he doesn't always get it right!
 We got to spend Spring Break in Casper with Dad and it was so much fun! We went to the park and visited the History of the Trails museum, and don't even get the kids started on the awesome pool. It was an fun week with Dad in a new place!

 Kenadee  turned 7. What!? When did that happen. Here she is holding her bouquet of flowers (a tradition that Daddy started on her 1st birthday that she ALWAYS looks forward too), and that my friends is my best attempt at a hello kitty cake. Kena is always such a sweet girl. She knows when others are feeling sad and is usually the first to offer a hug. She loves her sister and plays with her all the time. So much for all the worrying I did about the difference in their age. She's so studious and loves to read and draw. I'm convinced that she will be a great artist one day, but she really wants to be a Mommy, also a good choice!

 My sweet Livvy Girl turned 2. She is my baby and I was worried that these milestones would be really hard for me, but I've really enjoyed her to much to be sad. She is a bubbly, sweet, happy little girl who brings so much joy to our home. My favorite thing that Olivia does right now is animal sounds and singing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home". She really is a joy and I can't imagine our family without her!

 Mason turned 4! This is the only shot I could get of him birthday morning, because he got a Buzz Lightyear, and that roughly translates into an inability to sit still for pictures! He's such a big boy and my little cuddle buddy. I love him immensely a can't wait to see who he is going to grow up to be!
 This summer has been so much fun. We finally refilled the sand box and the kids, especially Olivia and Mason, have loved it. Our ditch finally got fixed this year too and Olivia's favorite pastime is throwing rocks in the water, and thankfully it flows well enough that I don't worry about her falling in! Score!

 Jaxson turned 5 last year and his birthday was so much fun. We did a star wars theme, complete with pool noodle light sabers, and Daddy volunteered to be Darth Vadar for all those little Jedi Trainees!

Jaxson is my fun child. He and I have very similar personalities and can definitely rub each other the wrong way, but those times never last for very long and then the fun begins! He loves legos and k'nex and I'm almost positive that he will someday design the great buildings of the world!

 And last, but most certainly not least, my first born turned 8. What can you say about the most perfect child. Trace has always been such a caring child, and is so mature for his age. Cory and I often tell people that he is a 40 year old trapped in an 8 year old body. He has wisdom beyond his years and we have to be careful what we say around him. He is ALWAYS listening and worries about things that he shouldn't. He over heard Cory and I talking about our budget and how we needed to wait until the next pay day for a particular purchase. The next day I overheard him tell Kenadee that they shouldn't ask for so many snacks, because we were to poor to buy enough food! What a kid!

He is a smarty pants. He reads at a 10th grade level and his parent teacher conferences are always the same. His teachers struggle to challenge him! He is loving and kind and such a great big brother.

His baptism was a blessing for our family. We were surrounded by family and friends and he was so happy! I often find myself worrying about the future and whether I've taught my children enough. Let's face it, Trace is half way to being old enough to be out of our home, serving a mission or attending college, and it makes me nervous. But then I listen to him bear his testimony, which he does every fast Sunday, or teach FHE, and I realize that this little boy is going places, and then I wonder how I got so lucky to be blessed to be his Mommy!