Monday, July 29, 2013

When I grow up, I want to be... American Ninja Warrior! Have you watched that show? It's full of men and women, who work their bodies to the limit and do AMAZING things! They dangle by their finger tips over water traps. They climb the undersides of stairs and leap across domino walls. All of this is done in the hopes of being the first American to defeat Mount Madoriamo, the last and most intense obstacle course. And my Jax wants to be one of them!

We know a family here, whose cousin is Brent Steffenson, the best of the best in Ninja Warrior land. He is Jaxson's new hero and how I wish we lived in a big place where we could get him parkour  classes. As it is he climbs walls in our home and makes his own "obstacles".

The final event in the qualifying round is called the warped wall. It's a 14 ft wall that circles back on itself, making it really difficult to run up. Jax found some old, unused floor joists, and the Hadley warped wall was born!

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Marianne said...

Very cute! If you did get him lessons he would be unstoppable and YOU would be going crazy!