Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh say can you see...

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing like the swelling of your heart, with pride in your country, that occurs when the fireworks light and the patriotic hymns play. *sigh* I'm proud to live in this great nation.

This year was a bit different for us. We got a late start and didn't make it to the parade, although we did have patriotic pancakes, so I think we get an A for effort.

We had a lazy day at home which was nice, then spent the evening playing at the park with the kids and watched the fireworks. All in all a good day.

 We had stars and stripes, although I did forget to account for the mirror effect, hence the military patch flags!

 And this is what happens when you get a big glob of blue dye that didn't get mixed in in the middle of your pancake! Daddy says it looks like she's been licking smurfs!

 Ms. Kena got a patriotic up do. She was so cute and wouldn't lay on her head all day for fear of messing it up. This picture is actually about 4 hours after it was done, so it held up pretty well I'd say!
 We BBQ'd with dad and it was awesome. Pork chops and grilled corn. Yum! This is Liv and I watching daddy, and despite the look on her face, she really was enjoying herself!

 Getting ready to watch the fireworks. Trace was so excited this year.
 All the crazies!

 This is my favorite shot of the whole evening. Some people next to us brought firworks to do while we waited, and I caught Kena mid "Oh my gosh!!"
 Mommy's little fruit snack junky. We took a few munchies and unfortunately Olivia has learned to come to Mom and Dad alternately. She love fruit snacks and we didn't realize until we got home that she had downed half a box all by herself!
 Watching the fireworks!

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