Friday, May 20, 2011

Just be-cuzins!!

This weekend sweet Livvy got to meet her cousins! I must admit I did not bring my camera, but I stole this from my sister in law. Such cute little kids!

Busy busy busy!

Big Brother...gotta love that tongue!

It's a little blurry, but can you feel the love!

A big graduate! He was so proud of himself.

Bath time! Oh baby! I wish I'd gotten a better picture. When her hair is wet it's so cute and curly!

Things have been crazy at our house. My Jax and Kenadee both graduated from preschool this week, not to mention Trace only having one week left, and Kenadee getting ready to start summer Kindergarten! My how time flies. Mason is as happy as ever (and getting into more then ever!) and loving his new sister, and speaking of that new sister, she's starting to smile! Did I mention things are crazy a completely wonderful and glorious kind of way!