Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They grow up to fast...

This morning this beautiful little girl had a melt down. She is convinced that she has already been five, and in April she would like to turn 6. How do you explain something like that to a kid. Try as I might I was unable to convince her that 5 was a good year too, and she ended up crying on her bed for a full 5 minutes!

It's got me thinking...don't they all just grow to fast? It seems like I blinked and she became this beautiful little girl. And all to often I find myself looking at her and getting glimpses of who she'll be as a young woman. Why, just Sunday I found myself watching her from down the bench, and she looked so grown up that I couldn't help but be sad. Someday my sweet little "sister" will be a big grown up girl, dating boys, and marrying one of them, making great friends and going out to "just hang", and even having little girls all her own. I'm so grateful for the chance to be her mommy and share all of that with her...but please don't make me skip 5!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A boy and a bee

For Mason's birthday this year he got a Wheely Bee. Its an awesome little ride on that has 4 caster wheels so it doesn't get stuck in corners and such. Just this weekend he decided to use it for the first time, but not to ride on, to walk with. See Mason is 14 months old and still not walking completely on his own (he can, but just won't) but the wheeley bee has given him new freedom. He can walk all over the house and get himself out of tight spots It's made it possible for him to keep up with his brothers and sisters, and he is having a blast!
Being stuck doesn't stop this boy!

He's also found momma's kitchen stool to be a helpful walking tool!

Look at that face! Now that is one happy walker!

Portrait of an Artist!

Jaxson has recently taken to stealing mommy's camera and taking as many pictures as he can until he is caught or the memory is full, whichever comes first. So today, rather then getting mad, I decided to celebrate the artist we call Jax!
The drama he was able to capture in this picture is amazing. The tipped truck and the gun...what a masterpiece!

The way he was able to capture his own feet in such a beautiful way. And the use of slippers to create illusion and suspense...what do his toes really look like? Will we ever get to see them?

The angle of the pirate hat is stunning. The way he set it off center creates a sense of depth I've never seen before!

And here we have the same hat. Look at how he was able to use his focus to create a beautiful contrast. I hope you've enjoyed his work as much as I do! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Today I am Sad

About a month ago Cory and I discovered I was pregnant. Excitement was at an all time high. We both knew this baby was suppose to be a part of our family and we'd been trying to get them here. But almost immediately I knew things weren't right. After 3 weeks of wondering I went to my doctor for an ultrasound that should have made it all better. It didn't. The ultrasound showed no baby and thus began a two day wait to see if I was really pregnant. After much blood work and praying the results were back, I was definitely pregnant, but my fears were still there, something just didn't feel right. So here I sit, almost a full week later, losing this baby. It's devastating...I long for this baby that I know wants to be here, and I'm saddened at the idea of not getting to hold them or cuddle them. I know we can try again, and I know that after 4 healthy pregnancy's that this was a "fluke" and the odds of it happening again are slim, but today I am sad.

I miss my Mom. Isn't this the kind of thing a girl is suppose to have her mommy for. Someone to tell her it will be okay and give a big hug and lots of love and support. But she is gone and I can't call her, and so today I am sad.

Tomorrow I'll put my chin up and we'll move forward. Tomorrow I will feel better and the pain will be just a little smaller. Next month I will try again to get this little spirit to our home, and I'm sure we'll succeed, but just for today, I am sad.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 7 The drive

We just drove to Aunt Jalyn's this day, but I do have one picture I'd like to share. On the first day we noticed an large number of donut shops in California. In fact there were 4 in a 1 mile radius of our hotel. So it became a bit of a running joke with us to see who could find the next donut shop. I believe on the day we drove to Hollywood we counted close to 30! So on our way out of town when we stopped to fill up the car, we were none to suprised to see the donut shop across the street. But I loved the name so we took a picture.

Vacation day 6 - More Hotel time.

Mason loved the hotel's crib. We put him in it so we could pack and he bounced until I thought he'd be sick. What a nut!

Today mommy woke up a little sick and everyone was pretty tired so we did another day at the Hotel. We did have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory though, and the kids got some pool time in. We were also able to get all our packing to go home done. It was a good, restful, day. Exactly what we needed!

Day 5 (it's about time!) Legoland

The Crew all ready for a day of play at Legoland!
This is the very end of the day. Mason played super hard and was completely tuckered out!

But earlier in the day he loved the water park. We forgot his swim suit, but he could crawl up to where the water was splashing on the pavement and giggle and play. It was darn cute.

Kena loved the water portion as was Kena's favorite as well. She splashed for a good 2 hours before the water got turned off and we were finally able to convince her to go.

Jax looking very GQ on the airplane ride!

Trace wanted to pose with the mummy, but he wasn't tall enough. Note his face in the mummy arm pit!

Even the Rooster in the coo coo clock was made of lego's. He also sang rock songs.

The dinosaur made of lego's. They had a ton of things made of legos. Be sure to check out my facebook page to see all the miniatures in lego's. They were awesome, but I didn't have time to load them all here.

Trace being an archaeologist. He loved the dinosaur dig.

On the 5th day of our California adventure we ventured south to Legoland. What an awesome park. Everything was made of lego's and they had some of the coolest statues. The kids loved it and so did I. It was super kid friendly with plenty of things they could do without having to wait in a line. So awesome.