Monday, July 12, 2010

A boy and a bee

For Mason's birthday this year he got a Wheely Bee. Its an awesome little ride on that has 4 caster wheels so it doesn't get stuck in corners and such. Just this weekend he decided to use it for the first time, but not to ride on, to walk with. See Mason is 14 months old and still not walking completely on his own (he can, but just won't) but the wheeley bee has given him new freedom. He can walk all over the house and get himself out of tight spots It's made it possible for him to keep up with his brothers and sisters, and he is having a blast!
Being stuck doesn't stop this boy!

He's also found momma's kitchen stool to be a helpful walking tool!

Look at that face! Now that is one happy walker!


Marianne said...

Oh goodness! He is such a doll! Look at that blonde hair! I think fourth , fifth, and so on children do everything later because they are the baby and their siblings will carry them or get them whatever they want. Mine talked later too because all they had to do was grunt and point and it was granted!

JennMatt said...

What a genius toy. He looks so cute pushing it around. I should get one for my niece who is 14 months and not walking.