Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 5 (it's about time!) Legoland

The Crew all ready for a day of play at Legoland!
This is the very end of the day. Mason played super hard and was completely tuckered out!

But earlier in the day he loved the water park. We forgot his swim suit, but he could crawl up to where the water was splashing on the pavement and giggle and play. It was darn cute.

Kena loved the water portion as was Kena's favorite as well. She splashed for a good 2 hours before the water got turned off and we were finally able to convince her to go.

Jax looking very GQ on the airplane ride!

Trace wanted to pose with the mummy, but he wasn't tall enough. Note his face in the mummy arm pit!

Even the Rooster in the coo coo clock was made of lego's. He also sang rock songs.

The dinosaur made of lego's. They had a ton of things made of legos. Be sure to check out my facebook page to see all the miniatures in lego's. They were awesome, but I didn't have time to load them all here.

Trace being an archaeologist. He loved the dinosaur dig.

On the 5th day of our California adventure we ventured south to Legoland. What an awesome park. Everything was made of lego's and they had some of the coolest statues. The kids loved it and so did I. It was super kid friendly with plenty of things they could do without having to wait in a line. So awesome.

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