Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm an indexer!

Today in church our bishopric chose to focus on family history and personal histories. The talks in Sacrament were about journaling (which I like to think I'm doing right here) and keeping a family history. Then in Relief Society we got a basic training into Indexing. For any of you who don't know what that is, I believe it is what the use to call extraction. Its a very easy process to get started in and you don't have to be called, or even a member of the church to do it. You just log onto and click on Volunteer. Basically what I do is pull out names and information from old census reports. Its pretty easy, and it can help so many people find out who their families are. It makes me feel like I"m contributing to genealogy (something I didn't think I could do with 3 small children). I'd encourage any and all of you who felt like you could contribute even 30 minutes a day to do it (They give you 8 days to do 50 names, it's sooooo doable). It is so rewarding.

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Allyson Sherratt said...

Oh you will love it. I had a friend show me and got me hooked. I've misplaced your email addresses so I'm soooo glad you have this blog so I can check in on you and your darling little ones. Lots of love, Allyson