Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Crafty!

This is my new toy! I love it! About 6 months ago my sewing machine kicked the bucket, followed shortly by the older machine that Cory's sweet Mom had given to me. Needless to say I've had withdrawals. But with Cory's bonus this weekend he got me a new one! It's a beautiful Singer (don't you just love the green!) and it runs like a dream!
Did I mention that it has 90 stitches! Not to mention automatic button holes, a drop in bobbin, and a self threading needle! So fabulous!.
So what will I do with my new dream machine? This little guy is my first project! I'll be making a snuggle blanket for the new little miss. The fabric is minky, which I love because who wouldn't want to cuddle with something that soft, and when it's done it'll look like this:
I apologize for the icky graphic, but it's a super simple blanket with a head and feet. Perfect for little hands. Stay tuned! Finished product pictures will be coming shortly!


Zackira's said...

That is great, you can make an adult sized one for me!

Marianne said...

How fun Annie! I thought I had lost my machine a few weeks back but the repairman in town pulled it from death's door yet again. (Darn!) I want a new machine so badly. The old Kenmore has been a loyal friend but runs a bit rough here and there. I can't wait to see that blanket when you are finished!

Ashley said...

Yay for the automatic button hole! By far my favorite feature on my machine!
The blanket looks so cute too! Where did you get the pattern?

Annie said...

I actually got the pattern at our local quilt shop. They sold it to me as part of the kit with all the pieces pre cut. It's super easy though, just 2 pieces of 20 x 20 fabric (mine is minky) and a TY pluffies stuffed animal. Cut the animal in half, take out a little stuffing and baste it back shut so that it's width measures 3 1/4 inches. Then take the two pieces of fabric and cut a 3 inch triangle off two opposing corners. Then its basic assembly! So cute and easy!

Gena said...

Your creations are so adorable! I'm jealous of the creative fun you're having (I think I'm a little bogged down being a "single" mom at the moment). Show us more!