Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's Officially OLD!!!

Yesterday Cory turned the big 2-8! We had a lot of fun going to dinner as a family and then came home for Chocolate cake!! But what we'd like to share today is the 28 reasons we love Daddy/Cory
1. Because he's my Dad (Trace)
2. Because he's my Dad too (kena)
3. Umm I love him my Dad (Jaxson)
4. He's an amazing husband.
5. He works really hard for us.
6. He holds the priesthood.
7. He uses that priesthood when we need him to.
8. He presides over our family with love and patience.
9. He makes awesome Pancakes! (from scratch!!)
10. He loves us!
11. He's amazing!
12. He's one handsome dude!!
13. He plays with us.
14. He gives us allowance (trace again)
15. He's a good hugger.
16. I just love him so much (Kena)
17. He likes to Wrestle! (Trace)
18. Did I mention he's hot.
19. He reads scriptures with us.
20. He teaches a mean FHE.
21. He takes Mason so I can do my calling to the best of my abilities.
22. He gives me time away when I need it.
23. Random flowers...need I say more.
24. Date night.
25. He balances me.
26. His dumb jokes and his silly names for things (Slopko, Up-chuckarama)
27. That I can be fully myself with him and he loves me just the same.
28. He's our Dad, my husband, the leader of our home, the balance in our marriage. In short you're amazing Cory and I love and always!


balloongal said...

That's right.

Jalyn said...

May I add one more thing to your list for next year? He has the best voices to go with his bed time stories. Corry, I think your pretty great!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday! So does that mean I'm old too at 28? I thought I had at least 2 more years of youth! :)

Gena said...

Cory is one awesome dude. My awesome dude is fixing the vacuum (yea, I don't have to do it!) so HE can vacuum. It's nice to have someone who's loving, helpful, supportive AND hot!

And, just FYI, 28 is ages away from being old, unless your mind is going? Love you guys!

StarkFamily said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Cory!

Zackira's said...

A. Watch it Annie! You will be there soon enough.
B. Cory's shirt says 27 WHAT!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Happy belated birthday

and boy when I say belated I mean belated geezzz.

I'm what only 10 days late LOL ++)