Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Glorious Feeling I'm Happy Again!

My favorite shot of the night..."huh??"

You wanna know how giddy we were. We found a balloon in my purse and decided to leave it as part of our tip. hehe That's Mandy's thumbs up, and Kaela's goofy grin...Mom's out of the shot I'm sure rolling her eyes at her goofy girls!

Mandy, Me, and Kaela waiting for the play to start. I just realized I never got a pic of Mom, SORRY!!

This weekend we went to Utah and I went on a Girls Day Out with my Mother in law and sisters! It was a blast. We started our day by attending a showing of Singin' in the Rain at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. It was an awesome production and the cast was hilarious. It felt so real and because it was theater in the round we got right into the action. Poor Mandy had a producer yelling "ACTION" in her ear, and when the famous dance in the rain began we got wet! In fact, the front row were given poncho's and one sweet little girl got an umbrella full of rain dumped in her lap. Even clean up after the number was great. Dancing squeegies and mops...It was wonderfully entertaining.

Then we went to dinner. Good food and good company, what other kind of dinner do you need. We were giddy, goofy, and laughed through our whole meal. We finished the evening with shopping. It was awesome! I'm so greatful to have such wonderful in-laws. I never feel out of place or uncomfortable. They're my family and I love them! Thanks girls for an amazing time!


bunchocoffeys said...

That was the best! I'm glad you were there and needed a day off as much as me, I'm sure that's why we were so giddy!

Elizabeth said...

What a blast!!! I got some good girl's time this last week when I was in San Diego. It does a body good!

StarkFamily said...

What fun!!

proudmamaof5 said...

How fun!!!! I hope you remember me...I used to work with Lisa before they moved down town...I hope you don't mind that she gave me your blog address! It is so cute!!! you'll have to come and visit mine sometime! it is We are going to celebrate a 2 yearold b-day soon with our Jackson!!! you have such a cute family!!! Susan Cheatham