Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Swimmers

This summer we put Kena and Trace in swimming lessons, and I'm pretty sure I gave birth to fish! They loved every single second of it, no fear.

Kena was a level one and her teacher was Olivia. Every day she would report to us that she had learned to back float and play with water toys. I'm sure she did more then that, what more is there then toys when you are 3.

Trace learned to swim from Emily, who he adored, especially when she let him wear goggles. He loved to dive, and especially going down the slide. He's anxiously awaiting next year when lessons will start again.

Jaxson loved that he got to go get them everyday from the pool, and that he got one on one time with mommy!


JAY- JEWEL -DAD said...

That is great to have them like the water. I think it is so sad when they fear the water.

Edwin & Tamara said...

They looke like they where having allot of fun.

Gena said...

I loved swim lessons with the kids! It's a right of passage; they will always remember this. XO, Gena