Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He crawls

Up on those knees!

Say Cheese!

Despite the obnoxious teather that he had for almost a full week (which I am happy to report is no gone!) my little Mason learned to crawl. All of my other children spent about a month doing the "army man" if you will, but Mason went straight to the crawl. He's so cute and so mobile. I love it!

I'm also including some random happenings from our house. Mason got a new hat that fits his head and doesn't have any of those obnoxious straps under his chin! Hurray!

And the final one is of a stack of cups that Trace was so proud of. We bought a small package of plastic cups to hold snacks on our last car trip and they have been the most sought after toy in our house the last few weeks. They've been everything from stackers to goggles. Hurray for imagination!


bunchocoffeys said...

Yay for crawling! Mason totally looks like Kena in the picture with his cute hat!

Jalyn said...

Isn't if funny how the simple things become the best toys around. I always swore that I was going to get the kids carboard boxes and tissue papper for Christmas. I never did, but I really should have. This summer I got the boys some scrap lumber and nails. They were busy all three months and I never heard, "I'm board."

Richard said...

He is a busy guy! To not let that oxygen hose annoy him shows how determined he was to get his new skill going!

That hat is so adorable!! Where did you find it?

Hooray for Trace's imagination! Every time we got a big box my kids made boats and cars. Simple stuff is the best!

Richard said...

Hello? Richard is Marianne! I didn't know he was logged in!

balloongal said...

I agree. Hurray for imagination.

Zackira's said...

Go Mason, go.

tami said...

that hat is way to cute

Edwin & Tamara said...


P.S. love his little hat :)

Gena said...

I love your pictures (as always!). Can he possibly be crawling yet? How great!

Love Trace!! I remember making Barbie furniture out of tissue boxes (and tissue was an awesome medium for her bedspread and curtains and...).