Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 years ago...

...the doctor placed this beautiful bundle of baby goodness in my arms and I've been in love every since!
My sweet little Kena girl joined our family and there was no looking back. Everyone was in love with her instantly. She had such a sweet disposition and who wouldn't love the baby pudge!
(All bundled up and ready to go home)
So in honor of her 5th year with us I'd like to share 5 things we love about our baby girl.
1. Her hair. It's always been so much fun to do her up in little piggies and ponies. And when it's got a mind of it's own I love it even more (look down a bit for a great bed head shot!)
2. Kena has always had a sunny disposition. Even as a baby she was always so happy and smiley. Who could help loving her!

3. She loves her brothers! Look at what she was willing to let Trace do to her! She plays so nicely with them and is such a big helper to mommy. She's happy to do whatever is asked of her without to much complaint!
4. Kena has such a stong will. She's always been one to stick to her guns and although sometimes it's been a challenge, I love that about her. She's one little girl that will stick to the things we teach her and not stray from them. She's a joy to me.

5. And finally, how about that sass! She's got the spunkiest personality and I love that she poses every time she knows I'm taking her picture!
And that wraps it up folks. There are so many more great qualities I could right about, but for now just know that we love you Doll!! Happy Birthday Sister!!


Marianne said...

I remember holding that baby pudge and just falling in love! Has it really been five years? No Fair!! Your babies are all so adorable Annie!

Annie said...

Thanks Mari! I sure like them. We decided that if this little gal is half as cute as her big sister then we'll be lucky indeed!

Gena said...

You have the most adorable, sweet children. I haven't been around theam as much as I've wanted to but I think you're doing a beautiful job with your family. Lucky kids!