Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Its been a while!

My goodness things around here have been crazy! Or at least I think they have. I can't put my finger on what it has been but my life has felt very hairy! Maybe its being a mommy of 3, or perhaps its the wife and housekeeping side. Whatever it is, I'm back now.
Cory is pluggin along with his MBA and we're hoping that he'll have all his papers done by Thanksgiving. we'll have to see how it goes. He just finished up a huge audit at work and we're grateful to have him at home at more regular hours.
Trace is going on his 3rd week with not to many accidents. I just need to help him understand that he can be potty trained outside the walls of our home. He seems to struggle when we leave home. But other then that he's doing well. He's very excited to be a T-rex tonight and I must admit that trick or treating will be fun this year cause he'll actually understand it.
Kenadee keeps me on my toes. My goodness I don't think that little girl will ever slow down. she's constantly running around the house and getting into mischief. But she's a sweet heart too. I love that little girl. When she decides to cuddle it warms my heart!
Jaxson is doing well too. he's sleeping through most of the nights now and he's smiling and laughing. It's so cute to seem him learning new things. He is adored (sometimes a little to much) but his big brother and sister, and he endures it well. HAHA
I too am doing just fine. I've recently started reading the Kingdom and the Crown series by Gerald Lund again and I love it. It makes me feel so much closer to my Savior and those who lived at the time he did. What awesome books.
Well it is time for naps so I will close. I'll post more pictures later of Halloween. Love you all!

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Laurie said...

I love the Kingdom and the Crown series. Have you read the Work and the Glory as well? That was my project last year... and it literally took a year! But so great to be reading about things that make you appreciate the gospel more. It sticks with you!