Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We had a great day here at the Hadley household. It was Kena's first trick or treat and she loved it. We got the kids all dressed and walked around the cul de sac before it got dark. It was beautiful weather and we didnt even had to wear jackets. We got to the first house and Kenadee was completely amazed and people would give her candy just for being there. It was so much fun to watch her figure it out. Trace really enjoyed himself too, but his favorite part was the passing out of candy. In fact, between trick or treaters he pretended to pass out candy. It was so much fun. I think we had more trick or treaters then we have had in our entire married life combined. Cory had to go buy candy in the middle of the night and we still almost ran out. We have a handful of tootsie rolls left. It was a crazy night but lots of fun. Here's hoping you all had an equally haunting good time!


di said...

how fun! we also had a great time! give your kiddos kisses for us!!!!!

Zackira's said...

No fair I had 14 kids come to my house. I watch them go to the other homes look at mine and then see their parents shake their heads and then they head on down the street. It makes me so sad. I even bought big candy bars. Boo on them!