Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!!!

This Christmas season was wonderful and we all had a great time. Santa visited our home and left a smorgasmored of toys and treats.
We got some new PJ's!

And Kena got play makeup so she can be just like mommy (this picture is not an acurate reflection!)

Then for breakfast, Mommy made some tasty cinnamon rolls and we loved them!!

We also celebrated Mom's 27th birthday and Daddy got her some beautiful flowers, daisy's and lillies!


Marianne said...

Happy birthday little Annie...waa! You are all gown up and I am getting old!

The kids are so cute and look like they had such a fun Christmas!

Hope you are feeling well!
Love you!

dad said...

It looks like the same person taught Kena and Jaxson how to smile and they do it realy well.
I think I remember Annie doing her make up about the same way. It looks like a very loveing family. I love all of you . Grandpa Black

tami said...

oh it just looks wonderful i need to put up our pictures ive just been busy ill try to do it tomarrow when everything is closed and i cant go anywhere lol

Helen Ellsworth said...

Annie I just got home late last evening around 9:00 PM. I just read your post. The pictures are so cute. I couldn't help but notice how much Jaxson looked like his big brother when he smiles. But I agree with Grandpa. I think big brother taught both Kenna and Jaxson how to smile. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. It is always nice when we have little ones still at home. They are so innocent and trusting.

Love Grandma

Edwin & Tamara said...

I see kena still has her pink bear? And it matches her p.j.s Looks like you all hade a very merry christmas. They kids are growing up so fast, and getting cuter everyday

Gena said...

I love the flowers, you're such a nice honey, Cory. Christmas is the best! My kids got new pajamas too but they wouldn't let me take their pictures in them.

StarkFamily said...

What a fun christmas!