Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So I'm not usually one to promote a product, but this one I feel deserves special attention. This weekend end Cory's mother gave me the CD That accompanies this book and I had to share. There is a book, DVD, CD, and website (http://www.reflectionsofchrist.org/) and the are all incredible.I first saw the website about 6 months ago. It was done as part of an exhibit for the temple visitor centers to help people to focus on their relationship with the Savior. I was so moved by the images and music. Now they've produced them for the home and if you could all find a copy I'd highly recommend it.

The images warm my heart and make me feel closer to the Savior and the music...well I've long believed that music can open our hearts and soften our spirits and this does just that. It invites a spirit into our home that even quites my rowdy 4 year old.

It's an amazing compliation.This time of year especially I feel myself focusing on my relationship with our Savior. I'm so grateful for His life and love, that He would give so much for my salvation touches me to the very core. I know that He lives and loves each and everyone of us. What a blessing in my life it is to know this! I love you all and wish you the merriest of Christmas. May we all take a few moments amongst the hullabuloo and remember the reason for the special season, and the miracle of His birth!




di said...

i am so glad that you gave it a good review--i got it for my hubby for christmas!

Gena said...

I loved that exhibit! It's so nice to see new art work that's not corny or, oh, I don't know, but I loved his style. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas with your babes (including the hunky babe!). Lots of love!!

Crystal said...

Wow, I totally thought this was a local-to-Arizona thing... Funny side note, John the Baptist is one of my good friends.

Hi Annie! You have a super cute family. Your kids are SO Black! Hope you're doing well. I found you through Gail, and I'm going to add your link to my blog so we can stay in touch :)

Love, Crystal Your Cousin