Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Cougar Crunch!!

Licking the bowl clean!

The decorators and their tree

A cookie!

Christmas has come full force at our home and I thought I'd share some pictures. We've been decorating our tree and house, making christmas candy, and putting together a ginger bread tree (much easier we learned then a house). Enjoy!


tami said...

how cute now im jelous cause we cant do anything till we get to germany humph
love ya

bunchocoffeys said...

Man, now I'm having a sugar craving. Should have bought that kitchenaid....

Marianne said...

All I can say is COUGAR CRUNCH?!!!!YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

haha its the Hadley shirt!! I didn't know you guys got ahold of one of those! yay! :) those treats sure do look tasty!!
Love, Kaela

Edwin & Tamara said...


Oh and yes amanda needs all thoses receipes to if you don't mind

thank you

Zackira's said...

I hope you saved and sent some of those cookies to me.