Sunday, November 9, 2008

A wonderful Day!

We had a stake conference today that included 57 stakes in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. We got to hear from President Eyring, Elder Hales, Sister Dibb from the YW presidency, and Brother Madsen of the seventy. The spirit was amazing and I thought I'd share some of my favorite parts of the talks.
President Eyring spoke about debt and tithing (I'm not sure about you but we've been hearing the debt talk OFTEN). But I think my favorite thing that he said was that Heavenly Father want's ALL his children back, not just the good ones; that we shouldn't forget those who have strayed and that the only thing we need to do is be willing to repent. It was such a strong spirit that spoke to me as he said those things.
Sister Dibb told a story about how she made rolls for her wards YW and they were in awe of how good they were. She told them it was because they were just used to "counterfeit rolls." Then she encouraged us all to not settle for counterfeit anything and to seek the truth.
And my final favorite thought of the day was this, the Lord has put happiness within all of our reach, it is our fault if we don't find it. President Eyring was quoting someone else on that one and I can't remember who, but the thought is good all the same.


dad said...

I heard about your conference at the Temple last week The people from southern Colo. were eccited about it comeing. I think if we stay close to the Church we will be alright for the next few years so hang tight DAD

Gena said...

Yeah it was a good conference! Sadly we're in the middle of the fray right now but I'm holding on to hope and faith. We love you!