Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All that jazz!

We had a wonderful weekend! We headed to Salt Lake to celebrate Cory's birthday and it was a smashing good time. We started the evening with dinner at Famous Daves (can we say Georgia pulled pork and drunken apples! YUM). We then headed to the Hale Center Theater for their production of Into The Woods. I don't know if any of you have heard of or seen this play, but I highly recommend it!
It's the story of the baker and his wife who strike a deal with a witch for a baby. They have to gather Cinderella's slipper, a lock of Repunzels hair, Red Riding Hoods cape, and the Cow from Jack. At the end of act one you're left believing that everyone has gotten their happy ending, but as act two begins we learn it is not the case. Repunzel develops a bad case of post partum depression after giving birth to twins with her prince. Jack is left trying to decide what to do about the decomposing giant in his back yard. Little Red has an unnatural fear of anything furry and carry's a dagger for protection. But my favorite by far is Cinderella who's prince is a cheat. He and his brother (Repunzels Prince) sing a hilarious song called Agony. In act one it's agony that they can't have Repunzel and Cinderella, in act two its agony that they are stuck with their wives and can't have Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. FUNNY!! It was a wonderful night and we had a blast.

Then Saturday night I had my annual roomie get together with my dear girls from college. We met for pizza and then headed down to Gardner Village for Witches Night Out! I had my camera so I know it's no excuse but I didn't get any pictures. But pictures or not it was a blast. We wandered the shops and visited and just had a great time (I mean wouldn't have fun surrounded by grown women in witch costumes).

We had a good weekend and I can't wait for next year when we can do it again!

And finally a picture of the kiddos! They've been carrying around their halloween buckets "practicing" for halloween! What dolls!


Marianne said...

It sounds like fun! I am glad you had a good time. Witches Night Out huh? Should have been Sweeties Night Out! Love you!

Sweet Lemons said...

I LOVEEE the music to "Into the Woods" I was just thinking about it the other day! I've yet to see it performed, so I truly appreciated your little synopsis and some of the songs make more sense to me. Silly that I haven't seen it!

Also - I can't believe the coincidence - we were just at Gardner Village and saw all the stuffed witches they have there. My boys especially enjoyed the resident black cat. :) In South Jordan, right???

Troy & Emily said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like a perfect night! I love that play and place!
-Emily (A.) Gerber =)