Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost over the hill!

On the 13th of this month Cory turned 27 years old! And I get to tease him about being almost 30 for 2 whole months until I turn 27 as well! I'm a little late but here's his birthday list...without further ado the 27 things we love about Cory and Daddy!
1) He plays with us!
2) He's so good at providing for us.
3) He's goofy!
4) He's the cutest guy I ever met!
5) He holds the priesthood and doesn't hesitate to use it.
6) He leads our family gently but firmly.
7) When he walks through the door we get a chorus of "DADDY". Need I say more.
8) He let's me whine, even when its over silly things.
9) Did I mention he's hot!
10) He makes tasty dinner on nights that I'm to sick to cook.
11) He has good taste in home decor.
12) He let's me escape when I need to, even when he's tired himself.
13) He tells funny jokes.
14) Trace loves wrestling with him.
15) Kena loves his hugs and cuddles.
16) Jaxson loves that when he comes home it means a break from mommy!
17) He's sooo handsome!
18) He's patient with our children.
19) He's patient with me!
20) He's my best friend! I can literally tell him anything and everything.
21) He's so willing to help anyone who needs it.
22) He comes home with "Just because" flowers pretty regularly.
23) He let's me listen to Christmas music in October.
24) I think I forgot to mention how cute he is!
25) Trace loves soccer with daddy!
26) He makes great hopscotch squares (Trace again)
Here's to another year of Cory, the most amazing "R" a girl could ask for!


Zackira's said...

Gee Annie, tell us what "R" means! ;) I am sure that you won't answer this. Perhaps it is because I am related to him but I just don't see the cuteness you gush about. I agree with everything else, Cory kinda rocks. Happy Birthday.

Marianne said...

Happy birthday Cory! We kind of think you're pretty great! Thanks for taking care of Annie and putting up with us now and then!


tami said...

yeah what does the R mean

Zackira's said...

Haha, look what I started!

Gena said...

Come on, what's the "R"? Maybe we want one too. And, Annie, you don't sound very happy or enthusiastic. Must be your old age catching up with you.

Love you, Cory, the birthday boy!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Happy Birthday Cory. Sorry I am late. It makes me happy to see how happy Annie is with you. That's the way it should be. Keep it up and you guys will go through life very happy and contented with each other. And take my word for it. It only gets better. I love you lots.

Grandma Ellsworth