Thursday, October 9, 2008

An update!

I had my first baby appointment this morning and everything looks wonderful. Baby has a nice strong heart beat and looks perfect. My due date will be the 14th of May, but expect baby to make an appearance just about a week early since my babies get so big. Everyone else is happy and healthy and very excited for our new addition.

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Helen Ellsworth said...

Dear Annie; I am so glad that all is well with you and the new baby. I always get a happy feeling when I know a new member of our family is on the way. How soon will you know whether it's a boy or girl?

Our weather has turned off real chilly which means winter is just around the corner.. I am not happy about that. It seems like I never get really warm all winter. That is a sure sign of old age. Give the kidsd a hug for me and love to you all