Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who lost their marbles...

I lost my marbles. At least thats what I'm thinking this week. Who thought going back to school with 3 little kids was a good idea and how come no one kicked my pants and told me not to! Alas, school has been a bit of a challenge this week. Not really difficult, just tedious. I'm in the middle of a class right now about writing a research paper (something I've done a million times if I've done it once) and I'm sick of it. From analyzing my audience, to writing my bibliography 3 TIMES, and then theres the ever popular thesis statement and outline. I understand why I have to do it, but I dont remember the last time that I wrote a paper with all the bells and whistles. What a joy!
Other then that life is treating me well. I've started taking Jazzercize classes and I love it. Now don't get me wrong its kicking my butt, but I have managed to lose 7 lbs this week and I'm hoping for at least 30 more. Wish me luck.
The kids are happy and healthy as always and cory is trudging along as well. We love you all!!!!!!!


Zackira's said...

sounds like you are kicking yourself in your pants. teehee teehee

di said...

7 lbs!!! okay wonderwoman!
slow down!
you are a superstar! keep up the great work in all aspects!
miss you!
whoops! i seem to recall that you called a few weeks ago! sorry! at least i can drop you little comments!

Zackira's said...

Hey are you going to do those pants pictures? You know where they buy pants 10 sizes larger and we know that you never really wore them. Those are fun. Then we can do butt tape pictures again, or Happy Keaster. Kidding, aint never gonna happen sista, you be on your own. I want an update though.

Kaggie said...

I recommend avoiding school altogether, whenever possible. Since you've started going, quit. That's right. Of course, I am a hypocrite.