Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We have "news"

Jaxson got his first tooth yesterday! He was smiling at his daddy at lunch when we spotted it. We're really excited because the drool seems to have slowed down at least for the time being. If you look really close you may actually be able to see it in the picture.
Then there's Kenadee's first. She got her first hair cut (not just bang trim). She sat so still for me yesterday while we cut her a bob and she loves it. It stays out of her face better and means that she doesnt have to sit still while ponytails are applied.
And of course there's Trace. I couldn't leave him out because he was our first little man who gave us our first first haircut and our first first tooth.


Anaelay said...

Go Jaxson! We are still waiting for Ruthie's first tooth. I know it will come one day. Kenna's haircut is so cute, but it made her look way grown up. I love watching them grow, but I sometimes wish we could freeze time and enjoy them like this forever!

tami said...

riley still only has 2 teeth gosh

Laurie said...

I remember one time you guys came down to our place and Trace was a little drool monster! Funny how times change! Good luck with school and Jazzercise!