Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Car!

We went to Salt Lake this weekend in the hopes of ending our stint as a one car family. With Trace getting ready to start preschool and soccer, and Kena taking dance, and Jax just along for the ride, it was getting really hard to balance our schedule with Cory's so that we all had the car when we needed it. It's official now though, we are a two car family and we love it. We got an amazing deal on the car and our payments are less then we were hoping for (yay us). Here's some pictures. PS we drove home in the snow and thus the salt this morning. It really was much cleaner when we bought it.


Zackira's said...

Sweet! Give it a bath yo!

bunchocoffeys said...

Sunshine! You guys got a good deal. Congrats, its really nice.